Sunday, September 27, 2009


My new fun thing to do is to spin on a spindle. It is just as relaxing as knitting. I love the feel of making my own yarn. So I have been buying some roving. When I got back from sock summit I ordered from Optic Fiber, Grape Hyacinth, a superwash merino. My spinning is getting better and more even I did this with the roving.

Don't you like my spools toilet paper rolls come in handy and a shoe box I'm set. I have also bought some other roving. From Fiber Optic I also bought No. 9 Black Coffee. I just liked the name since I love my coffee in the morning I love the blending of browns to make it look like different colored coffee beans.

I also bought from Loopy Ewe, Perchance to Spin, Wicked Witch of the West. a 50/50 fine Merino/Tencel. They have a whole line of Wizard of Oz roving. so I might be getting a few more.

I plied the yarn that I had been spinning and this bunch turned out better the last bunch I tried to ply. It was a true knotty yarn. But this time I learned from the last time so it went easier and the yarn turned out better. Each time I get a little better.
So I figure by the time I'm done with the Grape Hyacinth I should be getting a lot better. A friend is going to let me use her spinning wheel this winter so I will start a learning curve all over again. But I can see the attraction to spinning I love the feel of the yarn twisting under my fingers. I am enjoying myself, my thumb is stiff from holding the yarn in semi-tight so it doesn't slip and my spindle hits the ground. I've order another spindle for myself and for Gena can't wait to get into her hands I know she will love as much as I love mine.
Well till later, keep those ideas coming in for the pattern for the yarns, I'm still coming up with ideas. so keep those sticks aclickn'. Happily knitting socks, Bye.

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Toby said...

You're spinning looks great! I bet you're going to love the spinning wheel, and what a great way to try one out.

I did lots of spinning over the weekend myself. :) A fun change.