Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Bad Knitting Mojo

It is so true my knitting mojo has gone down the toilet and I don't know what has happened.  I have started a lot of things can't seem to get them going or I get tired of it. This month I have started 4 different sock and have ripped them out. Ripped out the cowl I was working on that was almost done didn't want to finish so ripped it out.  Started a sweater couldn't get the hang of that pattern rip it out.

Maybe what I have is starting problem I just don't know.  I have cast on another sweater last night so I will see how that goes.  Off to finish cleaning the house,  I know I HATE CLEANING but it did need to be done.  Bye.

If anyone want to sample some soap let me know and I'll send you some.

Monday, April 11, 2016

Here Goes

Sorry I'm so slow at posting but allergy season is upon me and my head is in bad shape.  Going on two weeks on sneezing blowing the nose and watery eyes. How long will this last.  I didn't make out through the second round of Sock Madness I couldn't concentrate on anything harder then plain old knit stitch and then I had to rip all of that out couldn't get anything to go the right way.  I did manage to finish this shawl Slain. Love how it turned out.  You had a lot of short row
in making of this pattern the start point is in the middle of the white sections of one end is longer them the other.

I've also been making soap.  Love how they have turned out. The top one is scented with wasabi, smells green and ginger. The bottom was was so much fun to make it is a hanger soap. You use a hanger and go up and down in the mold to give it the texture, I forgot to add the scent so it is all natural.
That's it for now, Bye.