Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve

I can't believe its here already. I joked about cancelling Christmas but didn't really plan on it.
I planned on getting a tree Saturday and decorating it on Sunday when I got home from work. But the sky opened up and snow fell so now we don't have a tree, no presents, no dinner and I have to work on Christmas. I guess I'll have to go with the twelve days of Christmas and I have a few more days till Jan. 12 to get things done.
The boys are going to be with Friends and Tony and I have decided to go to a movie after I get done with work. We haven't decided on which movie we want to see, Clint Eastwood or Brad Pitt both movies look like they will be good.
My knitting has been in a stall. I finished my scarf and the Waterlily socks. So not I have to cast on and that's where the problem is I can't find the right pattern for the yarn. There's pattern I want to knit but they don't go with the yarn that I have to use. So I keep starting and frogging. A great combination. I think I've got them going now.
Sock 1: I'm using Cherry Blossom Fiber "Purple Rain" pattern out of More Sensational Socks
Sock 2: White Oak Studio tvyarn "High Fidelity" pattern "Double Eyelet Rib Socks" by Wendy D. Johnson.
Sock 3: Yarn Pirate, Merino Tencel "Apple" pattern "No purl Monkey" one that works with most yarns.
Hopefully these patterns will work out I am tired of frogging.
So keep warm and Have A Great Christmas. Find sometime to knit.
Happily knitting socks, Bye.

Did You Know

What do You know about SNOW?
I know that it is cold, wet, made of ice, and each flake is different but not much else. It's snowing here today and we will have a white Christmas. But what is snow?

Snow is a type of percipatation in the form of crystalline water ice, consisting of a musltitude of snowflakes falling from clouds. Snow crystals form when tiny supercooled cloud droplets freeze. These droplets are able to remain liquid at temperatures colder than 0°C. because in order to freeze a few moleculses in the liquid droplet need to get together by chance to form an arrangement close to that in an ice lattice; then the droplet freezes around this 'nucleus'. Now thats the science of it.
Ice crystals formed in the appropriate conditions can often be thin and flat. These planar crystals may be simple hexagons, develop branches and dendritic (fern-like) features and have six approximately identical arms.The shape of the snowflake is determined broadly by the temperature, and humidity at which it forms. Rarely, at a temperature of around −2 °C (28 °F), snowflakes can form in threefold symmetry — triangular snowflakes. The most common snow particles are visibly irregular, although near-perfect snowflakes may be more common in pictures because they are more visually appealing.
The highest seasonal total snowfall measured in the United States was at Mount Baker Ski Area, outside of the town Bellingham, Washington during the 1998–1999 season. Mount Baker received 1,140 inches (29 m) of snow,thus surpassing the previous record holder, Mount Rainier, which during the 1971–1972 season received 1,122 in. (28.5 m) of snow. Guinness World Records list the world’s largest snowflakes as those of January 1887 at Fort Keogh, Montana;. allegedly one measured 15 inches (38 cm) wide.
Here a picture of home it's snowing and Micheal's car is once again known as "Rhino Car"
Keep warm and if you have snow enjoy it. Merry Christmas.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Snow and Wind and Knitting

It snowed and we had a northeastern wind coming right down the Frazer Valley so our snow didn't stay on the ground. I think it blew to Bellingham because they got more snow there.
I missed one day of work so far. I could have made it in but I had the next two days off and didn't want to get stuck there. With my luck I wouldn't have enough to knit and would have lots of dead time. I took some pictures looking down the road at the barn not that far from the house. They where taken at 1:30 PM, 3:00PM and at dusk as the day got longer you could barely see the barn.

That was on Wednesday. Today we had sun but the next storm in due in Saturday night Sunday morning with more snow and wind. I plan on taking lots of knitting and clothes with me tomorrow so that if I have to stay I will be ready for anything.
Micheal is still unemployed but I has decided to go back to school and learn a trade. I am proud of him. Chris still is working and plans to move out next month. Micheal can't wait to get rid of his brother. Tony has been laid off from his job. So this is a depressing household. It's not that bad but I can't wait to go to work. I'm going stir crazy can't sit still don't want to do anything but I've got to move.
My knitting
I've been working on the scarf it was for Carmen but she quit so now it just a scarf. I tried several different patterns but I didn't find one I liked that went with the yarn. So I came up with the one I used and it looks good. It's a simple cable pattern. The yarn is Dream in Color Classy worsted weight, the colorway is Blue Lagoon. I like the slight changes of color in the yarn.

I finished Lucinda's Zigzag socks they turned out great and the yarn is so soft and easy to work with I'm glad to have more of Zen Garden Yarn. We had our work Christmas party on Tuesday and the girls want their socks so the ones I got done got socks and a few others got socks so I'm really close to being done. Maybe only 5 pairs to whip up fast. I'm almost done with my Waterlily sock and they are turning out wonderful I'm to the heel turn right now and should be working on them.

I got my last Woolgirl Sock Club Kit today and I love it!!!!!!!! One of my all time favorite dyers was the featured dyer Hazel Knits. I love the color.

Here's what we got:

  • A skein of handpainted yarn "Whispering Pine" Hazel Knits
  • Pine Cone Sock pattern by Anne Hanson of Knitspot
  • A Whimsical World of Thomas Joseph 2009 Desk Calendar
  • A set of 25 knit tag designed just for the club
  • A pinecone evergreen stitch marker from Spindle Cat Studio
  • 10% off coupon from you know where Woolgirl
  • Hershey's Kisses

This is a great kit. Jen must have been reading my mind because I have been thinking she needs to get Wendee to come up with a great yarn and she did I couldn't be happier.

Well I have to get knit and I have to fix dinner so keep your feet warm in wool socks and keep those sticks aclickn'.

Happily knitting sock, Bye.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Did You Know

What do you know Christmas trees?

I thought this would be interesting this time of the year. So here goes something that I found out.
Christmas trees are one of the most popular traditions with the celebration of Christmas. The Egyptians were part of a long line of cultures that treasured and worshipped evergreens. When the winter solstice arrive, they brought green date palm leaves into their homes to symbolize life's triumph over death.
The Romans celebrated the winter solstice with a fest called Saturnalia in honor of Saturnus, the god of agriculture. They decorated their houses with greens and lights and exchanged gifts. They gave coins for prosperity, pastries for happiness, and lamps to light one's journey through life.
Centuries ago in Great Britain, woods priests called Druids used evergreens during mysterious winter solstice rituals. The Druids used holly and mistletoe as symbols of eternal life, and place evergreen branches over doors to keep away evil spirits.
Late in the Middle Ages, Germans and Scandinavians placed evergreen trees inside their homes or just outside their doors to show their hope in the forthcoming spring. Our modern Christmas tree evolved from these early traditions.
The First Christmas tree in America is claimed by Easton Pennsylvania where German settlers erected on tree in 1816. A German immigrant August Imgard was the first to popularise Candy Canes on the tree.
Now all over the world people associate Christmas with a tree. It doesn't matter if its a fake one or a real tree, they all make the season more merry and festive.
My all time favorite tree is Charlie Browns tree. Even the smallest and the simplest can be beautiful its all in how you see it.

This is just a little bit that I found in a quick search. I hope you have a great Christmas tree. If you enjoy my "Did You Know" posting please feel free to leave a comment. I'm having fun looking out things that I want to know about.

So till later. I'll update you on my happenings. So keep warm its cold outside. Bye.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Update On Life

I can't believe it's almost Christmas how's the shopping coming along out there? Anyone done? I haven't started yet. I'm one of those shoppers that wait till the last minute to do any of there shopping. I don't know what to buy, I don't have the money sometimes I wish there wasn't so much put on the gifts and but on the true meaning of what Christmas is suppose to be about.

Tony's job is going good. He comes home with a headache from having to use his brain and not from using his hands. He complains about all the meeting and numbers he has to crunch but that's what they are paying him to do.
Micheal lost his job the first part of this month. Not enough work and he screwed up so the company took the easy way out with him. He's now looking for a new job. Who knows what that will be.
Chris is working as much as usual. He seems to like his work and he is detailing cars on the side. So he seems to have lots of side work.
I'm working not as much as I want but I do have a job. I'm knitting to get my Xmas knitting done I have come to a realization that I'm not going to make it. But I have promised to finish by the end of January I have 20 pairs for them to pick through. I just don't know it I have enough of the right sizes.

I have been making Knitting bags and have made several different types I am thinking of selling them on Etsy to help support my yarn habit. I'll have to post a picture of them and you can tell me what you think. Please leave feedback because that's the only way I will know if they are good.
Well I've got to clean up after dinner so keep your feet warm and those needle clickn'.
Happily knitting socks, Bye.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Did You Know?

What do you know about Sumas? Sumas, Washington, located on the U.S. /Canadian boundary was once an area covered by a swamp-like lake. Sumas (pronounced Soo’mass) means "land without trees". When the first white man stumbled upon Sumas, in approximately 1850, the area was inhabited by Indians belong to the tribe known as the Nooksacks. The first known white men entered the area around 1852. They were trappers, intent on finding new resources of beaver, bear and deer. There were no roads into Sumas. The only means of travel was water.
Sometime in the late 1870’s the first permanent settlers arrived in what is now Sumas with the intent to stay. Like the tourists who visit today, the first homesteader in Sumas, Robert T. Johnson, came because of the scenery. Three major railroads united at Sumas in 1891 making the area the hub for railroaders, prospectors and mill workers. These rails allowed direct service to and from Vancouver, B.C., Whatcom (now Bellingham) and Seattle. In 1891 the port of entry was established to watch over the border. In 1891 the port of entry was established to watch over the border.
In 1897 the community was rocketed by the discovery of gold in the Mt. Baker area.Practically, overnight gold fever hit Sumas. Within days the mountains were swarming with prospectors anxious to strike it rich. As the residence of the three men and the closest point of civilization, Sumas became the outfitting center for all this activity. Sumas exploded.
But you know how mining town's go.
Farming came in the area - Dairy Farmers sprouted up in our valley and still play an important role in the area's economy. Strawberries and Raspberries are also very inportant in growth here.
Sumas was also the setting of the horror-schlock feature film - "killer Bees".
So here are a few facts about my town. In the summer we have Sumas Days, Jr Rodeo, Car Shows and The Bull-a-rama.

Have a great day, happily knitting socks, Bye.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Count Down Till Christmas

Well the countdown is here and is my knitting done? Not yet but here's where I'm at.
I know I won't get all my socks done but I'll be close, I miss maybe by 3 or 4 pairs. So that's not to bad I will get then done by the end of January.
Here's what on the Needles now:

I have one done and one to go. This is the "Waterlily Sock" Pattern by Stephanie, She designed a beautiful pattern. I won this pattern on her blog I had bought another pattern and without knowing that she was having a contest, I won this one. I love how this is turning out and don't know it I want to give it up. Aida picked out the yarn by "The Natural Dye Studio". This yarn is a dream to work with it is a merino and tencel blend, its so soft and smooshy.
The second sock is "Zigzag Sock" by Christine Walter, you can find this pattern in Vogue Knitting The Ultimate Sock Book. This is a very easy pattern to memorize and to knit up. Lucinda picked out this yarn by Zen Yarn Garden, a handpainted 70% superwash merino/20% bamboo & 10% nylon yarn, the colorway is Banana Raspberry.
I'm also working on another test knit I'm using yarn from White Oak Studio I don't have enough done to show you but will soon.
Yarny News

For my birthday I treated myself to some yarn I want to make some fingerless gloves I can get them done sometime just don't know when. I bought some Noro Taiyo, it a 40% cotton, 30% silk, 15% wool and 15% nylon colorway 6. I can't wait to see how it knits up.

I also bought Cascade Yarns The Heathers In a dark green this picture doesn't do the yarn any justice. It is 100% Peruvian Highland Merino Wool I cant wait to use this for fingerless gloves its soft and I know it will be warm.

In the mail I also got from Woolgirl The Peppermint Patty Kit and all I can say is WOW WOW WOW !!!!!!!!!!!!

Jen had out done herself once again, just when you don't think it's possible she does it again. This is a great kit did I say that already sorry but it's so true. We got:

  • Yarn from Miss Babs "Peppermint Patty" with a mini-skein of red for toe/cuff.
  • Peppermint Twist pattern by Christina Bain
  • An Accessory bag by Sheila of Sheila D Bags
  • A peppermint crocheted tape measure for Lantern Moon
  • A fun peppermint themed stitch marker by Sunneshine's Stitch Markers
  • A Peppermint pencil
  • A Peppermint Patty Soap Bar by Erin for Naiad Soap Arts
  • Peppermint Patty chocolates and Peppermint Striped candies
  • Peppermint Patty hot cocoa

Well that's it for now so keep your feet warm in wool socks and those sticks aclickn'.

Happily knitting socks, Bye.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Did You Know?

What do you know about Mt Baker? I've thought about it and wanted to tell you about the Mountain that's in my backyard. Not really but close enough. I've always love the snowcapped mountains from a young child, it's a love my dad pasted down to me. So I want to share a few fun facts about Mt Baker.
The Mountain is 10,778 feet tall, it is the 4th tallest in Washington State and the 6th tallest in the Cascade Range. It can be seen from Vancouver BC, with some parts of Everett and Seattle that can see Baker to the SW. It is an active volcano though it hasn't erupted since 1880, there are steam puffs and small tremors.
After Mount Rainer, Baker is the most heavily glaciated of the Cascade volcanoes: the volume of snow and ice on Mount Baker is greater than that of all the other Cascades volcanoes (except Rainier) combined. It is also one of the snowiest places in the world; in 1999, Mount Baker Ski Area, located on a subsidiary peak, set the world record for snowfall in a single season—1,140 inches (95 feet).

Till later keep those feet warm in nice wool socks.
Happily knitting socks, Bye.