Friday, October 26, 2007

What on my needles and whats been happening

I've been busy this week, work has been slow but for some strange reason I am exhausted maybe it's only getting 1 day off who knows maybe just too much drama at work. Don't work in a restaurant the drama never ends. Today I'm off and it seems like the work never ends. I'm trying to get our Halloween Buffet decoration together. I want to repeat last years but it was

work putting together but it was all worth it. The crew dressed up and we had a blast.

WIP I'm working on a pattern by Anni Design for Sockamania for October. It is a fun pattern I've had a little bit of trouble remembering what way my cable goes but over all I love the pattern. I just might get it done on time for this month. Also working is a beanie for Micheal, I've frogged it several times trying to get it just the right size he is very picky. But that is kids for you.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Booty Club

I got my Booty Club yarn Thursday. The colorway is Killer Bees, 480 yd. superwash Merino, fingering-weight. I'm not for sure about the colors, if it's the neon green in it or not. maybe after I see what others have done with it maybe my thought will change on it. We also received circular knitting needles 24" in size US 1 and US 2 so I need to learn how to do magic loop.

Update on Socks

Moms socks are going great I'm almost done with them I'm working on the gusset. So if all goes well I can get them done by Sunday that is if I don't have to work to late and the meeting does last to long. Gena loved her socks and that makes me feel good. She also got to go through my stash and pick out a skein she choose a skein from Mama Lama, Bamboo Sock Yarn, Caves & Crystals, she got her choice of the new Knit Pick Harmony needles size 0 or 1, she choose size 1 and a group of patterns. So she made out fairly well.
We had a big dinner on Friday to celebrate Christmas and Thanksgiving for Mom and Dad they leave for Southern California next week. The turkey turned out great and I actually had dinner done on time which is a miracle with me in the kitchen.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

I'm in the Wooly Woolgirl Frequent Shopper Club

I've made it into the frequent shopper club. This is one club I couldn't wait to get into since I love to buy yarn I truely can't find a better place to spend my money. Jen has the BEST customer service that I have seen. One day I would love to meet her, we are not that far apart in miles and one day we will meet at a yarn fair. Jens free goodie bag is something more then I has expected, she really out did herself. I love the bag, yarn and pattern, love the stitch marker, a little sheep, the measuring tape I need one I just broke mine. The woolgirl knitting notebook is a great addtion and soap.

Thank you so much Woolgirl, you are the BEST.

Knitting Update

Gena's socks are done. Hopefully they will fit her, she has small feet 6 1/2, where I'm use to making big socks for me a size 9. I really enjoyed working with this yarn. "Yarn Love Juliet" it's a nice yarn and feels so very soft I wish they were for me but alas they are not.

She will get them on Friday the 19th so I will update on how they fit and a picture with them on her feet. Gena and her husband, Brian, will be coming up for dinner. We are having a small family gathering, Mom and Dad leave for the warmer weather next month and are not here for the upcoming holiday's so we celebrate early. So I am cooking a turkey dinner with all the trimmings and because I work all holiday's I get my dinner out of the way.

My next pair of socks are on the needle and I'm trying to get them done by Friday. I'm almost to the heel flap so if I keep working away I should be able to get them done.
This pair is for Mom and they are a size 8 so that won't take to long. I am using Zen Yarn Garden yarn in Blue Ice. The pattern is Swirly Girl by Deby Lake. A great and easy pattern to memorize.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Yarn Shopping Again

One more purchase from Wool Girl.
This purchase was to reward myself for getting all my bills paid on time.
I bought Mama Llama Super Squish, Venice, a sport weight, its a 80% Lambswool, 10% Angora and 10% Cashmere. I can't wait to feel these on my feet.
The second picture is my Miss Babs yarns, Yummy superwash sock & baby yarn top is Wine Barrel bottom is Falling Leaves. The middle yarn is a sport weight woodland Viola. All three yarns are going to make great socks. Now to find the time to knit them all.

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Update on socks

A quick update on Gena's socks with a picture. I finally found a pattern that goes well with the yarn. On start number seven it all fell together. I'm so glad I might just get it done her birthday was Oct. 6th but better late then never.
Today was a day to stay inside and enjoy football. My team the Seattle Seahawks just couldn't get it together to beat those Steelers. There's next Sunday, I guess, hope they do better and find the end zone.

Saturday, October 6, 2007

Abbys Sock

Here the picture of the socks made for Abby. Yarn Pirates "Pretty Pirate" pink grey black and white. They turned out pretty good.

I am still working on the pair of socks for my sister. Theses socks are turning out harder to make then I thought. I can't seem to find the right pattern to go with the yarn, her favorite color are pink, blue, green and yellow. In my collection I just happened to have yarn in those colors by "Yarn Love" their Juliet line, colorway "Cloud Nine". She would like a lacy pair but I just can't find the right pattern. I have started 6 times and now on the seventh this one will have to work. I'm doing a pattern from Sensational Knitted Socks Yarn over Cable hopefully this one will work.

I can't believe when the weather changes everyone wants socks, on the to do list I have a pair for my Mom, Dad, Michael,my son, also would like beanie made, all at once. There is never a moments rest.

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Sock's for Abby

I just finished a pair of socks for my son's girlfriend, Abby. Michael says her feet are always cold and she needs a pair of socks. So into the collection she goes and picks out "Pretty Pirate" by Yarn Pirate. I knit it using the Penllyn Socks pattern from Wildhorse Farm Designs by Lisa Parker. An easy pattern to memorize and knit. This is the second pair of socks using this pattern. Will post a picture as soon as I get my camera back.

Now on to my next set of socks for my little sisters birthday, which I will be late. She also knits socks I thought of gettting her yarn but if she is like me it will just go into the collection and not made into a pair of socks for herself. Sooo, I decided to make her a pair. Her favorite colors are green, pink, blue and yellow. Looking though the collection, guess what, I have yarn in just those colors and now to figure out a pattern that will work. She would like a pair of lacy socks which she doesn't knit so now to fit the pattern and the yarn together.