Sunday, November 30, 2008

Here's Some Pictures

Nov 30, Sunset:

Heartache Smoke Rings:

Closeup of the Heartache Smoke rings:

On the Sock Front:
Here are the socks that I'm working on right now: Aida's socks are "Waterlily Socks" by Stephinie. The yarn is from The Natural Dye Studio, I can't remember the colorway's name. The yarn is a Merino Tencel blend and it is so soft, I just might want to keep it for myself. I know that I will make this pattern again for me I love how it looks.

This other pair is for Lucinda called Zigzag Socks out of the book Vogue Knitting The Ultimate Sock Book. Yarn is from Zen Yarn Garden her Merino, Bamboo Handpainted yarn colorway, Banana Raspberry. It is a fun pattern and I like how it looks.

I will be starting a new test knit this week by Owl in Socks Designs. Her first sock pattern called "Aliens & Aztecs Sock Pattern it looks like a fun pattern to knit.

Well that's all I have for you now, keep your feet warm in wool socks and those sticks aclickn'.
Happily knitting sock, Bye.

I Miss It

I meant to blog yesterday and missed it by minutes so I guess I can't say Happy Birthday to Me.
oh well. I did have a good day. I worked but got lots of hugs from my crew and that made me feel good. Tony took me out for dinner and to Silver Reef Casino, where we had fun and I lost but won a little while Tony won good. At least it kept me in cash to keep loosing. So Happy Birthday to me. I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving dinner we are having ours today Sunday. So I'll take some pictures and I'll blog then with pictures and show off what I have done with my knitting. Keep your feet warm with wool sock and keep those sticks aclickn'.
Happily knitting sock, bye.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


My work in progress: No camera again so no pictures.
I finished my Heartache Smoke Rings I like how it turned out. All I have to do is block it I can't wait to see how well the pattern stands out. I was thinking of using this pattern and making a shawl doing it in lace weight. But that will have to wait till all my socks are done.
I'm almost done with my test knit on the second sock into the heel flaps I want to finish it in the next day or too.
I'm going to start a pair of socks for Aida. She picked out yarn from the Natural Dye Studio, the yarn is a Merino Tencel mix in a monochrome Blue. I'm thinking about using the pattern "WaterLily" pattern by verybusymonkey or the pattern "Pillars" by Lisa Stichweh both patterns can be found on Raverly. I just want a pattern that will look great and is fast to knit. I then have a to make Lucinda, Janice, Katy, Debbie and Marsha socks. Scarves for Carmen and Rosa. Then my coworker knit should be done. WILL I MAKE IT? I know I have to knit fast and get lots of hours in on it so I guess I better get off the computer and get to work.
I also want to sell some scarves I have made and some sock bags on etsy but its all a matter of time and there's not enough time in the day to get it all done. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and eat a piece of pie for me.
Keep your feet warn in nice wool socks and those sticks aclickn'.
Happily Knitting socks, Bye.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Football Sunday

I decided to take today off to spend the time with Tony. How stupid was that, he had a meeting to go to and now I'm all alone. So much for that great idea. So I thought I would type away.
The Seahawks are actually winning their game which I can't believe it. They are ahead not by much but it could be a win.
My knitting is coming along. I've gotten 1 sock done on my test knit. One to go, it's a simple pattern but I still have to pay attention. I'm also working on my Heartache Smoke Rings, I've almost have it done I've got about a quarter of the skein left to knit up and the that will be done.
I still have to get started on 5 more socks, which if I don't get them going I might not get them done. And I have 2 scarves to knit. I shouldn't have made the cowl but I loved that pattern and the yarn go so great together how could I not do it.
Seahawks are not behind so a victory is slipping away maybe next game which is on Thanksgiving they play the Dallas Cowboys. It's been a long time since we played the Cowboys and we lost 51-7 and Jim Zorn was the quarterback so it been a long time. Lets all hope that next year with a new coach and rebuilding the team we will have a good team.
So keep those feet warm in wool socks and Keep the sticks aclickn'.
Happily knitting warm socks, Bye.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Knitting News

Here are the socks that I have finished: I'm done with Maria's Roundabouts. I used Ruth Greenwald pattern Roundabout the yarn is by Yarn Pirate for her Booty Club Calamity. I changed the pattern to work the pattern through the foot. I like the change it made in the sock I don't like stockinette for long stretches in a pattern.

I also finished my sock I name Woodland Waterfalls. The pattern is
from Woolgirls first sock club pattern "Waterfalls" by Miss Babs, I used Miss Babs Yummy Superwash Sport 3ply "Woodland Viola". This pair of socks was an easy pair to knit done in 4 days the only hard part was to find a pattern that fit the yarn I tried 5 different pattern before this one worked out. But I like the end results. I made the leg a little longer then the pattern called for and had just enough yarn left over. I had about 6 yds. left so I called it a bit close.

I am now working on a cowl the pattern is "Old Shale Smoke Rings" by Cosette Cornelius-Bates. The yarn is another Miss Babs "Yummy" Hand-Painted Sock & Baby Yarn - 2 ply Superwash. I received this yarn from a test knit for Woolgirl and Miss Babs when I seen this pattern I knit the yarn I had to have. I can't wait to finish to see how it looks so far so good. The colorway is Heartache a beautiful flow of blues, lavender and grey.

I am also working on a test knit for KRW Studio which I will post a picture when I'm allowed to. My socks for work is coming along, I think I only have 5 more pair to make before Christmas and 2 scarves to get done I will get it all finished somehow.

New Yarn
Here is the yarn that I got from the test knit for Woolgirl and Miss Babs. Form the left Bluegrass, Lilacs, Tapestry and Heartache. Mom claimed the Lilac for a pair of socks. So I guess I get the others.
On the Home Front
All is going well, Tony's job is keeping him busy. The boys are keeping busy with work and girls or so they say. I just wish they would move out and start their own lives instead of draining mine. Work for me is going well, I finally miss restaurant and am thinking about going back or at least to banquets. I need a challenge again.
Well that about it for now.
So keep your feet warm with nice wool socks. So keep those sticks aclickn' Happily knitting socks. Bye.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Knit Night

Knit Night
I don't know if I've mentioned that I am in a knit night at the local library every Monday night. We meet for about 90 minutes we have a great time and lots of laughter. The great part we don't have to be quiet even though it is in a library. The head librarian, Penny, got me to do this and I get to teach people how to knit or its people that want to learn how to knit socks. That is the greatest part to me. The other night this young man came up to us and want to take out pictures to be put in the local free paper Foothills Gazette.

Here's the picture and the article: my fellow knitters are: my Mom, Carolyn Markham, Josefine Bruschek and Nancy Ernst. You can see Nancy is working at her first sock. We started out with about 6 people and the dropped off because of summer we have had several people show interest and they want to learn, so I will show up every Monday unless something shows up that I can't make it. I promise to post on my knitting later. I finally got my camera back. so I'll have pictures and I'll get you up to date.
Happily knitting.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

A Tale from Vegas

I know this is late but my mind is failing and I kept forgetting to include this.
From last years Woolgirl Sock Club in our February shipment we got the cutest heart project bags. I absolutely love mine and use it all the time to take my knitting with me to work, the bag is waterproof and has straps so it will go everywhere. I used this bag all the time when we were in Vegas. We where in New York New York and I had to use the restroom, while washing my hand this lady came up to me and says "You're part of the Woolgirl Sock Club, don't you just love your bag." So we talked for awhile about the different socks and all the wonderful things that we got with them. Its so great to meet knitters from all over the country and then to meet by a sock bag. I'll be back later I just had to share. Bye

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

What's on the Needles


Just thought I would show you what I bought with some of my winnings from Vegas. I've had these two colorways in my cart since they first came out so I bought them. They are Socks That Rock Lettuce Knit and Basan. I really like both. I can't wait to see how they knit up. Then I paid a few bills and now its all gone.
At least it was fun. I miss the sun and the warmth to come back to the rain is no fun I have to admit I'm freezing. Where's my wool socks!!!!!!

On the needles I'm working on a pair of sock for Maria. She picked out Yarn Pirate's Calmity BFL superwash. I picked the
pattern "Roundabout Socks" by Ruth Greenwald. It's a fun pattern the only part I changed was to continue the pattern down the foot because I don't like doing a plain knit it gets boring so I worked in pattern. It doesn't look to bad.
One down one to go. I've got a few more sock to make before Christmas for the crew I work with and then a few personal socks to make so about 6 or 8 pairs to go. The challenge is will I make it.
Well I guess I'll get back to work, I'm planning a dinner for tomorrow Turkey Dinner. My sister and her hubby will be here so I might as well cook a good dinner. Mom and Dad will be going south soon. So we have all the holidays at on time. Plus I have a dentist appointment tomorrow to get rid of this tooth ache. So till next time keep your feet warm and those sticks aclickn'.
Happily knitting socks, Bye.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Our Trip to Vegas

We had fun and the sun was shinning The temperature was in the 80's so it felt so good and then to come home to the rain what a let down. We stayed at the Luxor. Went to a few shops and gambled a little, lost a lot, came home with little. But I have to admit I did get some kitting done, I made a pair of socks. The pattern is called Duckies by Samantha Hayes and I used Zen Yarn Garden Sport Weight, on size 3 needles so you can imagine how fast these went. You are right fast and they are done. Also of the needles are the Scroll Sock they are done.

I have on the needles now are a pair of socks by Ruth Greenwald, The Yarnarian, her pattern Roundabout, I'm using Yarn Pirate from her sock club, Calamity. Not much else is going on around here. Just a quick update that I'm back and alive and broke. The last picture of the slide show is my drunk self portrait.

So till next time, Keep those feet warm in wool socks and those sticks aclickn'.

Happily knitting socks, Bye.