Wednesday, November 5, 2008

What's on the Needles


Just thought I would show you what I bought with some of my winnings from Vegas. I've had these two colorways in my cart since they first came out so I bought them. They are Socks That Rock Lettuce Knit and Basan. I really like both. I can't wait to see how they knit up. Then I paid a few bills and now its all gone.
At least it was fun. I miss the sun and the warmth to come back to the rain is no fun I have to admit I'm freezing. Where's my wool socks!!!!!!

On the needles I'm working on a pair of sock for Maria. She picked out Yarn Pirate's Calmity BFL superwash. I picked the
pattern "Roundabout Socks" by Ruth Greenwald. It's a fun pattern the only part I changed was to continue the pattern down the foot because I don't like doing a plain knit it gets boring so I worked in pattern. It doesn't look to bad.
One down one to go. I've got a few more sock to make before Christmas for the crew I work with and then a few personal socks to make so about 6 or 8 pairs to go. The challenge is will I make it.
Well I guess I'll get back to work, I'm planning a dinner for tomorrow Turkey Dinner. My sister and her hubby will be here so I might as well cook a good dinner. Mom and Dad will be going south soon. So we have all the holidays at on time. Plus I have a dentist appointment tomorrow to get rid of this tooth ache. So till next time keep your feet warm and those sticks aclickn'.
Happily knitting socks, Bye.


Toby said...

The Roundabout Socks look great. Perfect match of yarn and pattern if you ask me. :)

In the face of thing I want to knit for Christmas, I went and cast on for NaKniSweMo! My gift knitting list isn't terribly long so I think I'll manage to get it all done.

Anonymous said...

I was happy to see your photos! Gina posted some pics of your dinner on facebook - it looked incredible! you need to sign up so you can stay in the loop :-). We came home from hawaii today and it is so cold in tucson that the first thing I did was go and put on my "bev socks" .. they are still on my feet and that's where they are staying :-) ... you are very very loved! Thank you!! xxoo