Thursday, November 13, 2008

A Tale from Vegas

I know this is late but my mind is failing and I kept forgetting to include this.
From last years Woolgirl Sock Club in our February shipment we got the cutest heart project bags. I absolutely love mine and use it all the time to take my knitting with me to work, the bag is waterproof and has straps so it will go everywhere. I used this bag all the time when we were in Vegas. We where in New York New York and I had to use the restroom, while washing my hand this lady came up to me and says "You're part of the Woolgirl Sock Club, don't you just love your bag." So we talked for awhile about the different socks and all the wonderful things that we got with them. Its so great to meet knitters from all over the country and then to meet by a sock bag. I'll be back later I just had to share. Bye

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Toby said...

How fun! I haven't bumped into any other knitters unless it was at a yarn shop. Of course, when my most common knitted accessory is socks that's not exactly the easiest thing to notice.