Sunday, November 23, 2008

Football Sunday

I decided to take today off to spend the time with Tony. How stupid was that, he had a meeting to go to and now I'm all alone. So much for that great idea. So I thought I would type away.
The Seahawks are actually winning their game which I can't believe it. They are ahead not by much but it could be a win.
My knitting is coming along. I've gotten 1 sock done on my test knit. One to go, it's a simple pattern but I still have to pay attention. I'm also working on my Heartache Smoke Rings, I've almost have it done I've got about a quarter of the skein left to knit up and the that will be done.
I still have to get started on 5 more socks, which if I don't get them going I might not get them done. And I have 2 scarves to knit. I shouldn't have made the cowl but I loved that pattern and the yarn go so great together how could I not do it.
Seahawks are not behind so a victory is slipping away maybe next game which is on Thanksgiving they play the Dallas Cowboys. It's been a long time since we played the Cowboys and we lost 51-7 and Jim Zorn was the quarterback so it been a long time. Lets all hope that next year with a new coach and rebuilding the team we will have a good team.
So keep those feet warm in wool socks and Keep the sticks aclickn'.
Happily knitting warm socks, Bye.

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