Wednesday, June 1, 2016

The Cut Soap

Here are pictures of the soap cut:  Salted Margarita, I used Dead Sea salt, don't use it cause the soap to weep,  a lesson learned.  The orange one is Sweet Orange and Chili Pepper and it does smell good.

Then I have my attempt at a watermelon soap. The one on the left the red part set up to fast on me and was like ice cream scooping it on top.  The one on the right turned out good the mold was just to small but over all the both smell good and are useable.  

My knitting I can't say much for.  The sweater I've been working on is to small so I will rip it out and start over. It seems like I just can't knit anything to completion.  Getting tired so off to bed. Bye

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Soap and More

I made soap yesterday 3 loafs and 1 with Alaura, she wanted to learn how.  It was a long day.  I also so got my bakers rack now I can't wait to fill it and start selling.
Here is yesterday's work

Starting in the front is Sweet Oranges and Chili Peppers it smells yummy.  Then you have Salted Margarita I should have added more scent but the smell is there.  You have Alaura's Avocado Spearmint.  I also made a Watermelon soap which was a total waste of time, I made the trace to thick so the soap setup to fast on me.  So today I remade it and I think it might have turned out OK will have to wait and see.

Here is my rack I want to put a board on top and use it as my cutting station.  I have to get some knitting done which seems to be hurting lately.  Bye 

Sunday, May 22, 2016


Not much has been happening in my life.  Been struggling with my knitting not really happy with my projects so they are moving very slow.  Have been making soap but nothing to show sorry.  I've been working in my craft room renamed it Bubbles and Ewe like it.
I have been trying to come up with a logo my sister and I came up with "MARKHAM'S BUBBLES" labeling is got me bogged down I've been working on packaging I didn't realize that there was so much to do just to sell but I have to have it perfect before I sell, I know it's just me.
Got to get ready for work. Bye.

Monday, May 2, 2016

Soap, Soap, and More Soap

I have had so much fun making soap the last few days.  Here is some of the soap that I made before cutting.
From left to right there is: A beer soap, I used Wonder Brewery's Porter. It has a wonder taste of coffee and chocolate so I scented it with those two scents, it smells good.  Loaf 2 is a natural colored soap, the end doesn't look all that good but smell wonderful.  I used lemongrass and lime two of my favorite smells.  Loaf 3 is my attempt of a campfire I think it turned out good.  The scent is fireside, I used the hanger method to make the flames.  Loaf 4 is an attempt to do a Galaxy Clyde Slide, you mix your colors pour them back into your bowl and then pour into your mold.  I scented it with Green Fig and Pomegranate & Black Currant it's still to soft to cut.
Here is the Campfire Soap cut. All soap will be cured in 6 weeks so if you would like a bar let me know.  Well got to get knitting.   Bye for now.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Bad Knitting Mojo

It is so true my knitting mojo has gone down the toilet and I don't know what has happened.  I have started a lot of things can't seem to get them going or I get tired of it. This month I have started 4 different sock and have ripped them out. Ripped out the cowl I was working on that was almost done didn't want to finish so ripped it out.  Started a sweater couldn't get the hang of that pattern rip it out.

Maybe what I have is starting problem I just don't know.  I have cast on another sweater last night so I will see how that goes.  Off to finish cleaning the house,  I know I HATE CLEANING but it did need to be done.  Bye.

If anyone want to sample some soap let me know and I'll send you some.

Monday, April 11, 2016

Here Goes

Sorry I'm so slow at posting but allergy season is upon me and my head is in bad shape.  Going on two weeks on sneezing blowing the nose and watery eyes. How long will this last.  I didn't make out through the second round of Sock Madness I couldn't concentrate on anything harder then plain old knit stitch and then I had to rip all of that out couldn't get anything to go the right way.  I did manage to finish this shawl Slain. Love how it turned out.  You had a lot of short row
in making of this pattern the start point is in the middle of the white sections of one end is longer them the other.

I've also been making soap.  Love how they have turned out. The top one is scented with wasabi, smells green and ginger. The bottom was was so much fun to make it is a hanger soap. You use a hanger and go up and down in the mold to give it the texture, I forgot to add the scent so it is all natural.
That's it for now, Bye.

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Knit Knit Now Can You Knit Faster

Round 2 came out on Sunday, of course I was at work and had a road trip planned for Monday.
Came home from work wound my yarn pre strung the beads tried to cast on, didn't work, tried again, still didn't work. Put it to the bag take it with me on the road got it figured out and worked on the cuff.  It now Tuesday,  looked at what I did in the car and didn't like the beads rip it out again.  Tuesday night recast on everything worked out I am now on the gusset.   Here they are I'm using Hazel Knits Yarn.  Love her yarn so very nice to knit with.
I also make some soap on Thrusday with Gena here is a picture of the cut product.  The hard part is to wait the 4 - 6 weeks to use it. It smells so good, I used Lime and a Coconut Citrus Sorbe I'm calling it My Lime in the Coconut Mix it all up.  That's about it for now, Bye.