Thursday, March 24, 2016

Knit Knit Now Can You Knit Faster

Round 2 came out on Sunday, of course I was at work and had a road trip planned for Monday.
Came home from work wound my yarn pre strung the beads tried to cast on, didn't work, tried again, still didn't work. Put it to the bag take it with me on the road got it figured out and worked on the cuff.  It now Tuesday,  looked at what I did in the car and didn't like the beads rip it out again.  Tuesday night recast on everything worked out I am now on the gusset.   Here they are I'm using Hazel Knits Yarn.  Love her yarn so very nice to knit with.
I also make some soap on Thrusday with Gena here is a picture of the cut product.  The hard part is to wait the 4 - 6 weeks to use it. It smells so good, I used Lime and a Coconut Citrus Sorbe I'm calling it My Lime in the Coconut Mix it all up.  That's about it for now, Bye.

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