Saturday, March 19, 2016

Waiting for Round 2

This is the part the I don't like about Sock Madness the waiting in between rounds.  I know that this is the longest wait, teams have to be setup, the email check, then the specs are posted and finally the pattern is released. My problem is what do I knit on just finished a shawl, needs to be blocked.  Want to knit a sweater but it is more lace so I don't want to start that. So I decided to do a cowl.  I picked out Sallah cowl out of Knitty 2012, winter issue.  This is a fun cowl, using 2 different needle sizes, a 5 and a 10. Pick out that skein of yarn that you love the colors but what do I make.  My big problem is which side do I like better.

     Top picture is right side and the bottom is the wrong side.  What do you think?                                                                        
Got to get ready for work, Bye.

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Ruth said...

Which team are you on? I'm on the Lajuneb Lilac team. I'm wasting more time checking my email! i do love the silliness of all this madness stalking.