Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Time Has Slipped From Me

I can't believe how fast time seems to slip by.  March is almost over and Easter is upon us.  I have been working on my Sock Madness round 1 socks. I managed to finish them in time but it was not easy.  Started on  March 1st and had til the 14th to finish them. Should have been no problem, yea right, seems I had one problem after another. Started over 3 times till I got yarn I liked.  Got down to the heel, doing a sweet tomato heel from Cat Bordhi.  Got through it and I thought the CC yarn was in the wrong place, rip it out. Begin heel again omg dropped a stitch, couldn't pick it up, rip it out. The third time, I actually read the pattern, note to self PLEASE READ, I got through it and finished 
it.  The second sock had no knitting problems, I had life problems.  A migraine that lasted 3 days and had trouble concentrating on anything. Had to work extra shifts and lost power for a day. What else could go wrong got it done on the 14th just in time for the deadline.  I do like how they turned out and I use 10 year old stash yea me.  Well off to work, Bye.

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Ruth said...

They are beautiful! Are you getting ready for the next one, whatever it is?