Saturday, January 29, 2011

Finished Socks and WIP

I finished by first pair of socks this year and another hat. Here is the picture of my Hedrea Socks by Cookie A. In Dream in Color yarn in the colorway Jungle Cloud. These turned out good I'm going to work through the book Knit. Sock. Love. by Cookie A. I love her patterns and they always provide a challenge to knit.

Midnight Suns Hat by Katherine Rollins. This is a fun and easy pattern to whip up and besides that it looks good. Don't you think? I used Marasol Yarn Tupa it is a blend of 50% Merino Wool and 50% Silk. I like this yarn it is so soft and yummy to knit with.

For my WIP's I have on the needles: Monica's Wedding Veil. I'm using Baruffa Cashwool, 100% Wool. I didn't think I would ever get this cast on, it took for ever but I got it on and am working on it. We picked out two different patterns and have put them together to make this one pi shawl. I hope to have it done by August for the wedding.

Here is sock two out of Cookie A.'s book the Monkey sock I am doing them toe up instead of cuff down. That is the only difference that I'm making. The yarn is from Miss Babs, in here colorway Frog Princess. I just got them started.

I am also starting two more shawls for KAL's, I joined a group called the Light & Dark Lace Club. This group is found on Ravelry. The yarn is being dyed by two of my fav's, Ruth of PennyRose Yarns and Roxanne of Zen Yarn Garden. Ruth is the light and Roxanne is the dark. Ruth with be designing all the patterns and will be coming as a mystery. Now all I have to do is cast on. The other shawl is another mystery shawl for Criminal Minds by Threebagsfull. I have knit another pattern by her and loved knitting it. This one should be fun I got the yarn she was calling for Color Changing Cotton by Wolle's in Nickel Star. I get to work on it every Wednesday during Criminal Minds.
That's about all the work I have going for right now. I think that is more then enough, I do have to get Abby's back on the needles and finish the other half. But I will get to that.
I have been sticking to my diet and am down 25 pounds so far just 15 more to go. I'm determined to look good at all these weddings coming up.
So keep those sicks aclickn'. Happily knitting, Bye.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Welcome to the New Year

I know that it's been awhile since I last posted, I do apologize. There is no excuse but I have been at work a lot. I've finally got a day off so I thought I better post. Work has kept me busy, even though we have not been busy busy, things keep going. Tony wants me to go to night which I don't really want because that's when I knit so I will have to learn to change my knitting schedule. It is doable.
WIP: Project 1:
I've got half of Abby's wrap done. Here's a peak. I like how it is turning out. Now to cast on the other half I just don't feel it yet. I will get it on the needles one day, I found a few stitch's that I dropped that I have to pick-up. Gena is going to help me block it and that will take a bit of time.

Project 2: I working on a pair of socks two at a time on one needle. I had trouble casting on I just couldn't do it and after several attempts I cast on the cuffs on dpn's and then put them on the needle I need help to figure it out I know that it is something very simple that I'm doing wrong and once I get it it will be a smack in the head.The pattern is a Cookie A. pattern Hedera form her book Knit. Sock. Love. I want to knit through the book and this is her first pattern. I'm using Dream in Color yarn Smooshy in the colorway Jungle Cloud. I is my travel knitting I'm working on the gusset now.
Project 3: Another Hat, called Midnight Sun. I must be totally crazy I've been on a hat knitting binge as of late. I've knit 12 hats in the last month. They make great, quick and easy gifts. I gave each of the kids a hat, the boys each got 2. Gena and Brian got a hat and now I have to make some for ME and anyone else that wants one. The small picture is the one that is on the needles and the other is a finished one Micheal claimed it. This is a fun pattern and well written I really liked knitting it other hats that I have knit is Turn a Square , Hermione Hearts Ron , Knotty But Nice , Odessa and several others.
Project 4: Monica's Veil I just got it cast on and it was work I have never done a Pi Shawl and working with so few stitches on larger needles, I was all thumbs and I had a lot of trouble but I did work it out. Went to Wear on Earth and sat and worked it out I've got about 144 stitches on the needles right now and am enjoying the knitting I can't wait to see how it looks a bit longer.
Well that's it on the needles I guess I better get something done on the knitting front. I will try to be better at blogging but life and knitting come first.
So keep those sticks aclickn'.
Happily knitting, Bye.