Friday, October 26, 2007

What on my needles and whats been happening

I've been busy this week, work has been slow but for some strange reason I am exhausted maybe it's only getting 1 day off who knows maybe just too much drama at work. Don't work in a restaurant the drama never ends. Today I'm off and it seems like the work never ends. I'm trying to get our Halloween Buffet decoration together. I want to repeat last years but it was

work putting together but it was all worth it. The crew dressed up and we had a blast.

WIP I'm working on a pattern by Anni Design for Sockamania for October. It is a fun pattern I've had a little bit of trouble remembering what way my cable goes but over all I love the pattern. I just might get it done on time for this month. Also working is a beanie for Micheal, I've frogged it several times trying to get it just the right size he is very picky. But that is kids for you.

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