Saturday, October 20, 2007

Update on Socks

Moms socks are going great I'm almost done with them I'm working on the gusset. So if all goes well I can get them done by Sunday that is if I don't have to work to late and the meeting does last to long. Gena loved her socks and that makes me feel good. She also got to go through my stash and pick out a skein she choose a skein from Mama Lama, Bamboo Sock Yarn, Caves & Crystals, she got her choice of the new Knit Pick Harmony needles size 0 or 1, she choose size 1 and a group of patterns. So she made out fairly well.
We had a big dinner on Friday to celebrate Christmas and Thanksgiving for Mom and Dad they leave for Southern California next week. The turkey turned out great and I actually had dinner done on time which is a miracle with me in the kitchen.

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