Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Did You Know

What do You know about SNOW?
I know that it is cold, wet, made of ice, and each flake is different but not much else. It's snowing here today and we will have a white Christmas. But what is snow?

Snow is a type of percipatation in the form of crystalline water ice, consisting of a musltitude of snowflakes falling from clouds. Snow crystals form when tiny supercooled cloud droplets freeze. These droplets are able to remain liquid at temperatures colder than 0°C. because in order to freeze a few moleculses in the liquid droplet need to get together by chance to form an arrangement close to that in an ice lattice; then the droplet freezes around this 'nucleus'. Now thats the science of it.
Ice crystals formed in the appropriate conditions can often be thin and flat. These planar crystals may be simple hexagons, develop branches and dendritic (fern-like) features and have six approximately identical arms.The shape of the snowflake is determined broadly by the temperature, and humidity at which it forms. Rarely, at a temperature of around −2 °C (28 °F), snowflakes can form in threefold symmetry — triangular snowflakes. The most common snow particles are visibly irregular, although near-perfect snowflakes may be more common in pictures because they are more visually appealing.
The highest seasonal total snowfall measured in the United States was at Mount Baker Ski Area, outside of the town Bellingham, Washington during the 1998–1999 season. Mount Baker received 1,140 inches (29 m) of snow,thus surpassing the previous record holder, Mount Rainier, which during the 1971–1972 season received 1,122 in. (28.5 m) of snow. Guinness World Records list the world’s largest snowflakes as those of January 1887 at Fort Keogh, Montana;. allegedly one measured 15 inches (38 cm) wide.
Here a picture of home it's snowing and Micheal's car is once again known as "Rhino Car"
Keep warm and if you have snow enjoy it. Merry Christmas.

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