Saturday, September 5, 2009

I Made Yarn

OK I know it sounds crazy but I had to share. I just got off work but I made yarn today. I have been spinning this on my spindle and today I decided that I was going to ply it and see how I did. Of course there is thin places and lots of fat places but it really is my first attempt to ply my work. I'm so proud of myself. Like I said its not the greatest but its a start. Now I want to give it a real try and see what I do.

My knitting is progressing. I have the gusset of the Luminare sock done and working on the foot. On the mystery sock I'm still on the gusset I haven't really worked on it a lot will try to do better. I just got yarn from Woolgirl to do a test knit just waiting for a pattern so I have to knit a little bit faster.

Work is still fun but it is WORK. Tonight we where busy and I stumbled through it. All went well but I just could have done better. I know that I'm being hard on myself but I have to set an example at all times. I just have to get my timing down and things will fall into place. I'm still learning the kitchen and the cooks, the computer system and the differences in all the server sand their abilities. I will learn it all by the end of this month. Then I can handle the front of the house responsibility's and that will help Tony out more.

Well that's all for now I just had to share my yarn. Keep those sticks aclickn'.

Happily knitting socks, Bye

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Toby said...

Isn't that awesome when you ply the singles together and it makes yarn? I love the colors too, it's fun to see how they change from fiber to single to plied.