Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Did You Know Followup

Resolution followup
How are you doing on your New Years Resolutions?
Mine are going fairly good, I'm still sticking to my weight lose, I haven't stepped on the scale yet to see if I've lost but I will. I have not had any chocolate or sugar forms of sweets and no soda of any kind. I've been drinking more water, which leads to more bathroom visits, and more tea in the evenings, herbal of course. I am trying to watch my basic food intake and not eating after 7 pm. I am also trying to consume more fruits and vegetables, for dessert I have an apple or an orange.
I have not done as well on my acts of kindness, I have been helping out the maids more by making more beds, I'm getting pretty good at making a bed. I can't think of how else I've been nice.
I haven't finished anything else on the knitting front. I frogged out my two socks that I have been working on and have started them over and am half way on each sock.
Let me know how your New Year's Resolution are coming along. We need to encourage each other so we keep on track.
Keep warm and dry out there. See ya next time, in Did You Know.

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Anna said...

WOW, you're doing fantastic! I gave up pop a few years back and can say I'm so glad that I did. Chocolate? Whew, another dilemma altogether, LOL. Good luck on your resolutions! I'm doing well on mine; photographing my projects outdoors! ^_^