Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Around Here

Well the snow is gone. The rain is coming down and with the rain comes flooding. All the way around the house we have big puddles. The front yard is now a big puddle, this picture was taken yesterday and today we have more water standing. You don't want to see the back yard, its standing water in the normal places only larger. I had to go the the post office in town and wished I had brought my camera the water that was standing amazed me. the creek is almost over its banks and people are getting sandbags so I guess the creek could go over its banks. There is a lot of roads closed because of water. It will make my drive to work more interesting. I will have to plan out a route by what roads are open.
Bellingham is really getting hit hard. Wilson Toyota is moving their vehicles to higher ground. We learned all this great info on the news on Channel 5. The Guide Meridian is closed at I-5, the exit from the freeway at Iowa is closed, parts of Hannegan is closed on my route as well as 3 other roads. So it will be an interesting drive.
Enough of the weather lets get down to yarn news.
My knitting is coming along I have finished one pair for this year. I know that I cast on last year but I finished them this year and I'm counting the ones that I finish this year. They are Marcia's Monkey's is used Yarn Pirate, merino tencel blend, colorway "Apple". This pattern is by Cookie A but is adapted by Craft Pancakes, so there is no purls and it goes much faster. I like the look better.
I am also still working on my Double Eyelet Rib sock but am at a stand still because I just am having trouble wrapping my head around the heel so I think I will frog it out and just do a short row heel.

I have started a new test knit this one I like and is going very fast. I'm started last night and am almost to the heel flap. As you can see its an interesting pattern, the cable goes down the side of the leg and splits at the heel working in pattern for the flap and half the cable down the foot I can't wait to see it done. I hope to have the first one done tomorrow. I'm using STR lightweight yarn Oregon Red Clover Honey. I love this yarn.
Death by Sock starts the 25th so I want to get the Double Eyelet Rib one done if possible. I think this will be my last Death by Socks that I'm going to participate in, the person I'm knitting for has not put her name in the data base so I can't send them to her and she doesn't respond to e-mails. I just don't know what to do. I e-mailed the organizer of the group and she send out an announcement that if you don't have your info in the data base you are out of the game. So I'll see what happens there the worst part is if she's out she had small feet so I would have gotten them done fast. O well that's how it goes.
I won a contest on Ravelry called The Amazing Race. You are assigned a team and you cheer them on and if they are the last one standing you win and everyone else in your group they have to send you presents. So far I have gotten, 2 Loopy Ewe GC, Knit Picks GC, JoAnn Fabrics GC, and 2 skeins of yarn and here they are: On the left is Malabrigo "Abril" a kettle dyed pure superwash merino and its so soft OMG its so soft. I can't say that enough times. I also received from LoneSome Stone Yarn Mountain Feat in Shades of Plum I love these two yarns and how did they know I am into purples right now. I have 3 more gifts to come in and I can't wait. The Loopy Ewe GC I have been saving because I want a Namaste Zuma bag the problem is I don't know what color, do I want to wait for the Eggplant color, which comes out middle of the month or with Hollywood Pink that's out now. Oh the dilemma. Knit picks I want the book "Handpainted yarns for socks".
The Family is still about the same the same people are working and those not still don't have a job. But over all things are good.
So keep your feet warm in wool socks and keep those sticks aclickn'.
Happily knitting socks, Bye.

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Toby said...

It seems like the weather is hammering us for the 2nd year in a row. Over here in Kitsap County we tend to fair much better as none of our rivers have much of an issue with flooding.

I still have snow at my house. It's going to take at least another day, maybe two for it all to melt.

Despite all the rain, I'm happy to be home in WA for the next week.