Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Sock Summit

Sock Summit here we come. Gena and I finally got our classes. It took awhile to get them but we did. Registration started at 10:00 am and the server went down at 10:01. You only had a 15 minute window once you started to registrar to get your classes and to pay for them. I had the classes I wanted but with the server crashing, you get the picture. Talk out a lot of words that where said on my end. Gena and I where on the phone together making sure that we got into the same classes. We got into one together, Sock Heels on Saturday, a 6 hour class in which we will learn 5 different heels. Gena got into Spindle Spinning Basics on Friday and I didn't. We left it like that because most of the classes where full. I checked back later and found some open classes. Called Gena, here we go again. I got into Spindle Spinning Basics and the we also got into a class Toe Up for the Stubborn. This should be a great class, I know how to do a toe up sock but it will show you how to work a gusset and heel flap something I don't quite understand fully. But I want to learn. So over all we got great classes. We didn't get the class with Cookie A. but I will survive.
Now we have to start our homework for these classes. Save money for yarn in the marketplace, food and drink, the hotel room, got a great deal and the train down. Count down to begin.

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