Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Over the Rainbow and Life

Woolgirl, Jen has started a sock club that is going to go for 2 years called "Oz" all things dealing with the Wizard of Oz. The first kit is called "Over the Rainbow"

Here's what was included in each kit:

  1. A skein of fingering Lotus Toes yarn from Zen String in the custom "Over the Rainbow" colorway
  2. "Over the Rainbow sock pattern designed by Lisa Dykstra.
  3. An "Over the Rainbow" drawstring knitting accessory bag sewn by Krystine Jett. The fabric is great a black and white backdrop with Dorothy dreaming with splashes of rainbow color.
  4. An official WB "Over the Rainbow" journal. Each page is lined with a faint character image on the back ground.
  5. An "over the Rainbow" stitch marker by Jillian from Wee Ones.
  6. A special tin filled with Skittles (taste the rainbow!) and a rainbow.
  7. Rainbow stickers and Wizard of Oz themed stickers
  8. An "Over the Rainbow" tape measure.
  9. A "Over the Rainbow" lollipop, filled with all of the colors of the rainbow.
  10. An "Over the Rainbow" wooden gift tag to add to your Oz collection made by Jen
  11. A special Oz magnet.

Here is a picture of the wooden gift tad and three of the stitch markers I've gotten that go with this theme. The Wicked Witch, Glinda the Good Witch, and Over the Rainbow. I had to get out all of these makers just to see them together.

I had fun on line at Raverly waiting for Gena to get home from work so I could open the box. We decided to wait to open them together, so all day it was open or wait, .............. wait.............. OK I'll wait.Is she home yet, where is she, stuck in traffic, yea the phone rang. We can open. It was so worth the wait. I can't wait till the next one. Which is Dorothy.

Life We don't know when Micheal will be home. We think he is discharged but don't know what is going on. Talked to Abby and she says sometime next week but she doesn't know. But he is still in the Army doing what ever he does.

Mark is in Afghanistan now. He says it's very hot 100+ degrees I don't think I can take that. Mom and Dad should be home tomorrow, we got the trailer all cleaned, water and satellite hooked up so all they have to do in unpack and enjoy themselves. Chris is hard at work he is working on a new car for himself so we are all waiting to see it.

The restaurant is going good. Tony is there 6 days a week. So I see him once in a while. I'm working on Friday and Saturday nights and will be working more as people quit and shifts open up. I don't want to take anyone's shifts. The hotel is getting busier and keeps me going.

Well the mind is getting over heated. I talk about the knitting later. So keep cool in this heat and keep those sticks aclickn'.

Happily knitting socks, Bye.

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Toby said...

What a fun club! I wouldn't even classify myself as a huge Oz fan, but I bet all the shipments are going to be fantastic.

I am slowly, but surely getting settled in here in WA. It's good to be home!