Wednesday, April 22, 2009


I've finished a pair of socks YEA!!! It seems like its been so long since I have finally finished a pair. I'm proud of myself. Now to finish 3 more pair. I finished Carlos' socks all I have to do is deliver them to him and pray that they fit. I know that they should fit, Tony tried them on and they where big on him. So they should be good to go.
I'm now trying to finish the Switchboard socks at this moment I'm working on the gusset then on to the foot, the toe and kitchener close. I hope to have them done by tomorrow. I want to get these three socks done. I have found some fun patterns that I want to do. I just got Cookie A.'s new book "Sock innovation" and there is some great patterns in there and I just ordered Wendy Knits new book "Socks Toe Up". Both ladies are great designers and I can't wait to start new socks but I have to finish.
I have got several sample knitting's in the works and can't wait to hear from people to start working for them. Of course I work for yarn so what more can you ask for my stash keeps growing and my knitting abilities grow. I figure as long as I'm learning new things I'm good and I love to learn.

Micheal wrote again, he does regret his choice of going into the Army but he has to live with it. In a letter he wrote to his brother he stated,"People always say don't take freedom for granted. There's people fighting for you to keep those rights. I finally see why they say that. We have to give up ours to protect yours and you disrespect it?" Boy did it hit home he finally understands what everyone has been saying to him. Look what it took. He has been ill and had to go to the hospital but he is doing better, he is on light duty what ever that means in the army.

The restaurant is doing good and Tony is enjoying going back to work. I seems to be thriving on the hours he is putting in 1o hour days but as long s he enjoys it I'll keep my mouth shut. I am told that I will be starting next week a little sooner then what I wanted to but if it keep Tony happy and I don't burnout to fast I will. I still plan on keeping my job at the Best Western for now and just working 3 nights for Tony will see.
Well don't have much else to say so keep those sticks a clickn'.
Happily knitting socks, Bye.

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