Wednesday, April 15, 2009

I'm Still Here

Hello Everyone!!!!
I am still around, I think I've been busy I'm just not for sure. Here's a quickly update:
  1. I am officially out of Sock Madness didn't get the second sock done.
  2. Went to Vegas that's why I'm out of Sock Madness.
  3. Work has been slow not a good excuse.
  4. The Nuthouse is coming through nicely.
  5. Knitting trying to get all my test knits done.
  6. Hearing from Micheal.

So these are the topics I need to cover, done know if I'll get them all done today but will try in the next couple of days. Sorry this is so long. I promise to do better.

Sock Madness and Vegas

I tried but I just couldn't kit on this sock in Vegas the pattern had to be take with me so used on every row so I didn't get to work on it. I did work on it when we were in the room but it seemed like we where always on the move this time. Did a lot of walking, Tony didn't rent a car, so we must have walked a couple of miles every day. The blocks in Vegas are very long.
So this is a far as I got and it the day we left Vegas at least I had a winner. Wasn't a big one but I got to keep playing. We did see a couple of shows. We stayed at the Riviera and seen the Comedy Show there. We went to the Mirage, went through the Secret Garden & Dolphin Habitat where we got the see dolphins swimming in . These shown are the babies that were in there own tank. There was a 6 week old dolphin in the tank, there was 4 babies all together. Here is a picture of Siegfried & Roy's White Tigers. They also had Llama's, Lions, Tigers and a baby Tiger. I enjoyed the Llama's but what I really want was the wool. One of the shows we went to see was Terry Fator now if you don't recognize his name he was the winner of "America's Got Talent" show on TV, He was season 2's winner. Terry Fator is an ventriloquist impersonator that uses puppets. This show was fantastic and I would recommend it to anyone going to Vegas to see it. In fact if we go again I want to see his show once more. It was that good. You forget that he is using puppets and think of them as real people and when he sings you would think that,that is real person singing and not him.
He can sing so many different style's of music. He sang blues, country, rock and roll, the Beatles, Micheal Jackson, with the moonwalk, and Sonny and Cher. He puts on a great show. He told the audience that he knew that we all brought in our cameras and told us to feel free to take pictures, you could see the flashes going on through the whole show. Then at the end he thanked us the audience for coming to his show and said he would sign autographs till everyone got one that wanted on I thought that was so wonderful. Tony didn't want to stand in line to wait, so I didn't get one.
The weather was great the sun was out the whole time and it felt good to be warm. We had a great get away. But now we are back and the real world begins.
Work has been slow. Not much is happening right now we have been only half full so I've only been work 4 days a week. So that hurts. Micheal before he left talked me into donating plasma, so I've been doing that when I can. I have been turned away because I don't always eat that good and my protein and iron levels fall below a certain point and they don't let you donate. Which is a good thing, they want you to be healthy. I know now to eat a good dinner and lots of spinach or broccoli for my iron, that is where I go wrong.
The Nuthouse is becoming a reality for Tony now. He will be taking over Thursday and the key will be in his hand officially on June 1st. He has to wait till then for his liquor license to come through. This whole process is giving him ulcer's, according to him, so I will be glad when all the paper work is done and all he has to do is run the business. I don't want to start working there until May and then it will be only 3 nights a week for the time being. I'm not going to quit the Best Western yet I'm going to work both for a while until I'm sure of everything.
My knitting is slowly coming along I can't seem to knit fast enough for myself. I'm not getting anything done just a lot of work in progress. Right now I have 5 different socks on the needles and I'm not happy about that. So I don't get to start anything new till I have all these projects done.
Micheal I got a letter from him and Abby keeps me up to day on him. So far he is very homesick and hates the army. I don't know how he's going to get through this if he doesn't get out of his depression, he's only going to get more homesick as time goes on. He has done the gas mask and made it through that. His letter was sad but yet it made me laugh, he missed his Brother and his cars. Which I can believe. He want pictures from home and of his cars. Not of me but of his CARS, it shows what is important to him. This one line really has me worried "Plus I know that I will be getting deployed to Afghanistan. Which freaks me out. They use MP"s more in Iraq and everywhere else because they are better than infantry so they use them as infantry too. Freaks me out." I know that Micheal and Abby are having a hard time through all of this and I just hope she can calm him down and he makes it through. All our prayer and thought are in the airwaves going to Micheal to keep strong.
Well I think I have everyone up to date on my life and happening around here. Spring has arrived everything is turning green and I love the flowers. The raspberries are getting green on them so spring is here. Now if the warm weather would just show up I can start thinking about my garden. So until then. Keep those sticks aclickn'
Happily knitting socks, Bye.

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