Thursday, April 16, 2009

WIP Sock Summit

Here's my Work In Progress and I have to much.
  1. A sample knit for Woolgirl it's almost done.
  2. Gentleman 's socks 1 done, working on the foot of sock 2
  3. Switchboard Socks a test knit that is now available for sale. 1 done
  4. Men's Mod sock, a test knit. 1 done
  5. Vegas Tokena sock madness 1 done
As you can see I have a lot of socks in the works and not much progress. I have decided not to start another thing till I have gotten these socks done. I still have two more sock to finish for the crew at work and then that is done. But I love the pressure this all gives me. I plan to get these all done this month. I want to start new things.

Sock Summit
Gena and I are making plans to go. so far we have a room, I used my employee discount and got a great deal. We now have to decide what class to take while we are there. I know that I want to take a spindle spinning class and at least 2 knitting class to help improve my knitting I just know which ones I want to take. There is so many classes they have not put out the schedule for the class so it's hard to decide. We have decided to take the train down to Portland so that way no one has to give up knitting time. It should be a fun weekend.

Micheal also graduates that weekend from his training and he'll be coming home then for 2 weeks. He is talking about getting married then also. I think he should wait a bit if things go the way he is talking. Being deployed to Afghanistan is not fair to Abby. But its not my choice to make it's theirs. So what ever they decided to do I will stand behind them.

Well I think everyone is caught up with my life now so stay warm if its cold and cool if if hot. Keep those sticks aclickn' Happily knitting socks, Bye.


Toby said...

Wow Bev, you have been busy! No wonder you have so many WIPs. It's hard to stay focused when there are so many big events taking place in one's life.

Exciting times!

Toby said...

(ah shoot, please don't make note of the email that came through with my last post - I hardly ever use that account)