Thursday, August 14, 2008

It's hot outside, no air movement. I don't feel like doing anything.

Here's the garden. I now have fresh vegetables. For my dinners I just go out into the garden to pick dinner. We have had green beans, cucumbers, zucchini, and carrots. The corn is the shortest corn stalks I have ever seen, They just come up to my shoulders. It is tasseling out and little ears are being to form. The tomatoes are turning red, we have ripe grape and cherry tomatoes. Now to just eat till I'm full.

My knitting is coming along fine. Today's not a good day it's to hot. I need a small breeze. I have been working on my Squirmy Wormy sock I've gotten one done and am working on the leg of the second one. I should have it done this week and then to finish up my Slippery Slope Sock and

then finish up Dragon's Breath.

This week I have had some fun. I won a pool. It was from a group on Ravelry called "So You Think You Can Dance" . We where put into groups of 10 with 2 dancers each, as the dancer were eliminated so were we. I actually won, Joshua, one of my dancers, won the competition so I won also. So I got to pick out what I wanted as a prize and the other 9 contestant had to send me presents. I came up with two different items you had your choice, 1 a favorite yarn from your sock yarn stash, or 2, an online gift certificate from Loopy Ewe. You had a limit of $15 to $20. So far I have received 3 gift certificates and some yarn. When I get all my gifts I will post one picture.

Well off to cool off somehow, maybe I'll go to the grocery store. They at least have air conditioning. Anyone watching the Olympics we have and am enjoying watching Phelps go for a record breaking number of gold medals.

Well I'm still thinking about what to do as a contest my goal is to run it in September. So keep those sticks aclickn' till next time.

Happily knitting socks. Bye


Toby said...

Your garden looks so yummy! I will be having salad for dinner, but store bought just isn't the same as home grown.

The sock pattern looks fun too. I've seen a few with variations on the vertical zig zag lately and I'm getting the itch to knit one.

Anonymous said...

I wish I was there to eat some beans!! The garden looks great. I've got some pictures of the anniversary party to send you but I keep misplacing your email so send it to me - first last name :-).

How fun that you won that pool. I would have LOVED to see you dance :-) .. you rock! lol!

~ Shari