Thursday, August 28, 2008

Here's What I've Been Upto

Not much
No that a white lie. I've been busy work is keeping me going. We have several Spanish speaking maids and they speak very little English so we have arranged for them to learn English. We have class two days a week for an hour. While they are learning English, I'm learning Spanish. I'll see how it turns out it has been fun, they drill me on the words plus other words. They get me to say these words, which I don't know and they get a laugh out of it.
Tony's been hard at work he seems to be working more now then when he worked at his other job. So I don't see him all that often but that's OK with me.
Micheal is working hard at Overhead Door. He's done with his training and is working on his own now. He is enjoying what he's doing, he always liked a manual job.
Chris is done with school and graduated in the top of his class. He is working at Number 1 Collision and is working at a Detail shop in Everson. He quit the job a Wilson Motors I don't know if his misses the job or not.

Well that's the update on my family. We see each other in passing and that's just fine with me.

My Knitting

I finished a pair of anklet socks for a girl at work. They had to be made special she has two different size feet so one sock is a size 4 and the other a size 6. I made they out of Tofutsies yarn I like the yarn it does split some but it is so soft that I like to use it. I made them using the pattern 'Vog On from Knitty, summer 07 issue. I changed the cuff portion of the pattern I don't like a ruffly cuff so I did a simple K1 P1 for 4 rows and then began the pattern of the sock I really like how it turned out.
I've been working on the Slippery Slope Socks again. I don't like how they are turning out the pooling is different in each sock and I don't know why. The first sock turned out how I wanted it to no real patterning from the yarn. The second sock is stripping it looks good it's just not like sock one and I don't know what I did wrong. I am not going to frog it so I will have two different socks. I hope to get them finished this month so I will be ready for Super Sock Scarefest that begins in September and goes through October. At that time I can show you all the test knit that I was working on awhile back.

I got my sewing machine out today and made myself some KIP bags. I thought I could do it and I did it. The first one I made was the one made for the baseball game I'm going to on September 7th we are going to the Mariner and Yankees game. I made it reversible because my favorite sport is............ football. The second on turned out better then the first I learned from my mistakes. But over all I like how they turned out and they didn't take that long to make. I figured it took right about an hour and that's not long for a sock bag. That I will use over and over. Now I have to get more fabric and make more, these are made in the round next I want to try a square bag and making them in different sizes.

My Rewards from Ravelry, So You Think You Can Dance Pool
This is my bounty of rewards:

3 Loopy Ewe gift certificates each for $20.00.
From left to right, GypsyKnits BFL yarn, Spring Love, Madelinetosh - Hand dyed sock, Dusk, Rio de la Plata, kettle dyed, SL03, evergreen, ethereal blue, sparkling grape, 2 skeins Plymouth Yarn Co., Happy Feet, Color 10 blues, burgundy and blacks and a skein of Noro, Color S185. I could not be happier with my bounty. I still have one more person to receive from, but if I don't get it, so be it.

I also received a gift from Alison my accountability partner from a group on Raverly "Pair a Month". We have been sending each other gift of thing we like and a skein of yarn. She sent me her favorite knitting bags, a Key chain sock blocker sock, a small bag filled with lavender and a skein of yarn from Kraemer Sterling,colorway Imperial Blues. The yarn is a blend of 63% superwash merino, 20% silk, 15% nylon and 2% silver. The colors are beautiful and I can't wait to use it but it will be for me.

Well that's about all. Next month I will have my contest. I'm not for sure what I want to do but I'm going to come up with someing fun and with great prizes out of my stash.
So keep those sticks aclickn'.
Happily knitting socks, Bye.

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Donna in Ely said...

Hi, I am a new reader of yours and so want to go to the baseball game with you!! Would be fun to see Richie playing against the Marineers.