Sunday, August 3, 2008

Didn't Have To Work Today

No Work

So I thought I would blog, I've been busy but that's no excuse. So here goes:

The family reunion was great. We have lots of fun and it was great to see everyone once again. Dinner turned out good even if Tony didn't show up to cook it and left me to do the work, he did prep everything for me so all I had to do was cook the prime rib and heat everything else. Everyone praised the food.
Here is a couple of pictures of the family. On the left is Chris, Mom, Dad and Nicole. Now on the right is Gena, the author of tiggertat's socks blog, her husband Brian and my sister Paula. I would have had more pictures but Chris had the camera and didn't arrive till just in time for food. So all my picture are candid shots. I'm waiting for picture to be emailed to me. HEAR ME, MY FAMILY.

My Garden has grown it looks good. We have had bibbed lettuce, leaf lettuce, carrots, small zucchini, green onions and basil. Everything taste so good and it fresh. We are enjoying it. I can't wait till more is coming out of the garden. The tomatoes are growing we will have lots I hope.
This is just one of the bushes and it's lot of green tomatoes, the other bushes have the same amount. I can't wait to make BLT's for dinner, tomato sandwiches, tomato salads and just to eat cherry tomatoes for snacks. I will eat tomatoes anyway. What's your favorite way to eat tomatoes?

My Knitting is coming along once again after I finished the test knit. I should be able to show you pictures of the socks soon. Emily sent me a copy of the final pattern. The socks really turned out well. I have been working on the Slippery Slope socks by Chrissy Gardiner.This is a fun pattern even with the zig-zag cable. It is a small cable and the look is really beautiful. The yarn is from SockPixie and is wonderful to knit with I have several skeins of her yarn and I can't wait to knit with more of it now.
I have been working on a sock called Dragons Breath Socks by Jen Schripsema I've only just started on it am only to the cuff. The pattern is a flame chevron lace I'm using Claudia Hand Painted yarn in the Fantasy Dot colorway.

I also starting another test knit this one is by Corrina Ferguson, her pattern is called Wormy Socks, it is a toe-up magic loop sock. I get to learn new things and that is why I decided to do this pattern, I have wanted to learn magic loop and a provisional cast-on. So here goes. I have decided to use Yarn Pirate yarn Sweet Lime. The yarn looks like it has more lime but there is lots of pink in it with a little bit of yellow thrown in. I'm going to start it in the next day or two. I want to get one of the Slippery Slope socks done. I have to get back to some true power knitting, I'm behind in my 52 pair plunge. I've gotten 5 pair done, working on 6, 7 and 8 so I hope to catch up.
Well that's about all for now. I have been thinking about doing a contest and giving away some yarn, I'll have to think of something fun to do. Like maybe how many skeins I have who knows.
So keep those sticks aclickn'.
Happily knitting socks, Bye.

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Gena said...

If you email me that picture of Paula, Brian and I will send some.