Monday, December 3, 2007

Snow and Knitting

Here is a picture of Micheal's car. We called it the Rhinomobile, his named for the car,till he took the snow off to go to work. It snowed Saturday and Sunday when everyone else in the area is getting rain up here in upper Whatcom County we get more snow and northeast winds coming out of the Fasier Valley. As it warmed up it turned to freezing rain and then finally rain. Today as least the roads where clear this morning.

Here's an update on my socks. Wollmeise Sock is coming along good. I like the colors and the pattern looks good with the yarn. To me its always so hard to get the two to look good together. I love how Sock that Rock knits up its such a treat to knit with.
The Monkey sock are coming along also its hard to work on both socks at the same time and to keep them at an even pace. I still love the colors of the yarn. Thank you so much Georgia from Yarn Pirate.
BFL still isn't on of my favorites but its coming along.
Not much else happening at this moment. So keep those sticks clicking and keep warm.

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Gena said...

The monkey sock is turning out great!