Friday, December 21, 2007

Getting Ready for Christmas

I put up a Christmas Tree this year, some may say what but last year we didn't put up a tree we just cancelled Christmas, I gave the boys a gift but didn't wrap it didn't have a dinner. I had to work all day from 7 am till 6 pm so who cared about Christmas. But this year is different I put up a tree planning a dinner and giving gifts not wrapped but they get a gift. Then on the following Thursday a group of friends from work will be coming over for dinner and merriment. They just don't know how far they have to drive for dinner. They all live in Bellingham and to get to my house it is 25 miles one way. Hopefully the weather will be good and NO snow.

Knitting updates
I've gotten my two pairs of socks done and now working on baby socks.

The Chapman Spring Wollmeise sock turned out great the pool really looks good and continued down into the foot so it looks about the same. Both socks pooled the same way.

Yarn Pirate Booty Club "Solstice" Monkey turned out good BFL is not one of my favorite yarns just because it split very easily. So please don't drop stitches or you have a mess.

The Baby socks are for a friend coming over for dinner she is due in March so she will need some nice warm sock to bring the baby boy home. I've decided to use up some of my left over sock yarn I didn't realize how much I have and you don't need that much for such small socks. But they are so small, I'm going to make several pairs in different sizes so the baby will have warm feet.
Yarn Updates
I have only added a few skeins:
My last shipment from Yarn Pirate Booty Club arrived this week. I LOVE this colorway, Icicle. The yarn is Merino/Tencel, it is sooo soft and shiny it is one of the reasons that I like this yarn. It reminds me of winter weather, the sky can be so blue with white and gray clouds in it just before there is a change coming.

I also received a package from Woolgirl, I love getting packages from Jen, she takes such good care of her customers that it keeps me going back to buy more yarn. She added Santa Favorite North Pole Special Recipe Chocolate Cocoa, the cutest little sweater purse filled with Kisses.

The yarn I bought the time around was 2 skeins from Dashing Dachs, Twilight Carousel and Wassel both of these colors are perfect for this time of the year. they are a superwash merino, soft and will feel so good on the feet. I also bought some yarn from Hazel Knits, Chocolatier, a yummy colorway of browns I can't wait to find the right pattern to use for this yarn. If some one can think of one let me know.

I also received my Tofutsies December Limited Edition Collection the colorway is really nice its in shades of purple and whites it came with two patterns, Winter Waves Sock and Winterberry Socks either one would look good.

I also have one more yarn coming in from Hazel Knits herself, she is from this area Seattle and is a Seahawks fan, she has dyed a home team colorway just for the Seahawks so I had too order it this spring she will have one just for the Mariners so that is on my to do list. Just got the post and guess what was there you are right. I LOVE this yarn Wendee does a great job on the colorway I see the Seahawks GO TEAM.

For some reason I can't get some of my pictures down loaded into flicker but will get them added later.
I will leave you for now Keep those needle a clicking and the socks going out.
Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas to one and all.


Gena said...

I want your stash of new yarn. I love the colors.

Wendee said...

So glad you like the yarn. Those Wollmeise socks are awesome!!