Monday, August 23, 2010

The Doctor Is In

A sock kit all about Lucy. She is one of my favorite Peanut's characters. It might be her crush on Schroeder or how she is always pulling out the football from Charlie Brown. But I think it is her attitude it's crabby and cynical a little bit like me I think?
In this kit a skein of yarn from Wool Candy (the reason I got this kit) in a beautiful Blue called "Lucy".
The pattern is by Claudia Eisenkolb called Lucy.
A knitting accessory bag by Jane Robbins.
2 Lucy themed stitch markers by Sunneshine Stitch Markers.
A small tin.
A super-sized Lucy journal with images of Lucy on each and every page.
A Lucy keychain.

Bubble gum and a cute Lucy gift tag.

Had to share. Later.

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