Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Sock Summit

Sock Summit here we come. Gena and I finally got our classes. It took awhile to get them but we did. Registration started at 10:00 am and the server went down at 10:01. You only had a 15 minute window once you started to registrar to get your classes and to pay for them. I had the classes I wanted but with the server crashing, you get the picture. Talk out a lot of words that where said on my end. Gena and I where on the phone together making sure that we got into the same classes. We got into one together, Sock Heels on Saturday, a 6 hour class in which we will learn 5 different heels. Gena got into Spindle Spinning Basics on Friday and I didn't. We left it like that because most of the classes where full. I checked back later and found some open classes. Called Gena, here we go again. I got into Spindle Spinning Basics and the we also got into a class Toe Up for the Stubborn. This should be a great class, I know how to do a toe up sock but it will show you how to work a gusset and heel flap something I don't quite understand fully. But I want to learn. So over all we got great classes. We didn't get the class with Cookie A. but I will survive.
Now we have to start our homework for these classes. Save money for yarn in the marketplace, food and drink, the hotel room, got a great deal and the train down. Count down to begin.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend

I hope everyone has a great weekend. With lots of fun, sun, and remember ace of what this day means. What I want everyone to remember is our boys and men in uniform fighting to keep our freedom for us. We live free because of what they do every day fighting for our freedom. So to all those boys in blue, grey, cameo, or what ever their uniform color is. God Bless them and everything that they stay for.
I want a special pray for my brother, Mark, he left for Afghanistan last week. So thought are going out to him that he keeps head down and out of trouble. Stay safe Mark, my thought are with you.
Have a great weekend and get lots of knitting down.
Happily knitting socks, Bye.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Yarn Update

The last blog was long so I saved some thing to blog about for later so here they are:

Loopy Ewe Sock Club

Here is this months package. We received a semi-solid yarn from Dye Dreams their Luster Sox, a 100% superwash Bluefaced Leicester in Shades of Ireland, the pattern was by Monica Jines, Kinvara. A great looking pattern with cables. Also included was an apple green tote with the Loopy Ewe Logo on it. and a Happy Pen. I was surprised that both the Loopy Ewe and Woolgirl had an Ireland theme this time around and the shipment they both featured cashmere yarn now I can't wait to see how close they compare next time around.

I also bought me a some yarn, I know that was bad. But I've knit with so much red yarn that I had to have my own red. I stopped by Apple Yarn I wanted to get some addi's lace needles. I didn't buy the needles but got this yarn instead. It is a Pagewood Farm Hand Dyed Sock Yarn Yukon Really Red the blend is (70/20/10) Merino/Bamboo/Nylon and is so soft. So now I have to find the right pattern and knit it up.

Registration for Sock Summit date has come up next Tuesday at 10 a.m. I will have to have fast fingers and lots of luck just to get the classes I want. Then I just have to anticipate the time till Sock Summit begins.

Things around the house is going slowly we haven't gotten the garden in yet. I have to go down and talk to the next door neighbor to see if he will till the ground. Then we can plant. But the weather doesn't cooperate around here long enough.

Well I think I'm all caught up now I hope if not I will update you again in the next few days. so keep those sticks aclickn'.

Happily knitting socks, Bye.

Monday, May 18, 2009

What Been Going On

Wow has time gone fast I can't believe how fast this month has gone by. May is almost over and I've been very bad at blogging. Please forgive me. This blog might be long so read if you want or just look at the pictures.

The Nuthouse Grill is going great. Tony is happy to be working and to be an owner. Here are some pictures of the restaurant. This picture was taken in the rain so that's why it looks grey. Here is the outside of the Nuthouse Grill you can find us on Bender Rd.

Here are some inside shots of our new home away from home. On the right is the entry with the peanut wagon and the window to the grill of the kitchen. Now on the left of our walk through is the restaurant this is the front half of the dining area. Where you can have a great steak, ribs, pulled pork sandwich, or maybe you want a salad. There is many things to choose from on this menu. What I like is that they have a baked sweet potato that is good. Chris likes the Southwest Burger. I haven't piked out a favs yet.

And our last stop is the bar for a refreshing beer or your choice of beverage. You can watch your favorite sport on one of the five, yes five TVs you will find in the bar. But what makes us unique is you get to eat peanut and throw the shell on the floor something your mother would never let you do at home. But here you CAN. ( I can't get use to the shells on the floor but it will grow on me.)

So these are some picture of our new home away from home. I have started to work I've had two shifts so far and don't know a thing. Please come by and say Hi. We plan to have a grand opening when Mom and Dad get home with a new menu that's Tony and not someone elses. It should be a great event.

My Knitting

I finally finished this pair. I know it took awhile but I finished all my loose ends and single socks. This was a fun pattern, I have never worked with two thread in the manner doing socks, so this was a challenge for me but I conquered it and now for something else. I used Shibui Knits Sock I had to go out and buy yarn for this sock and I like the colors. I used all most all of the white so I'm glad that I decided to make the toes red. I would not have had enough yarn to finish the project. I had about 5 feet left and that not much.

I am working on a project I call "Here come the Bride?" I am making this for Abby my future daughter-in-law. I've got about 10 inches done of the first part of the pattern. As mentioned I'm using "Estonian Garden Wrap" . I feel like it is taking forever but I'm working on it in the evening and in spare minute when I can. I have lots of time to get it done. Since plans have changed. I'm also working on a pair of socks. The pattern is "Luminare Socks" by Bex its an easy pattern to memorize and have been working on it at work and that's about it because I keep leaving it a work I don't know where my mind has been I can't remember anything. But it's coming along great and is a fun pattern to knit.

I am starting to work on a sample knit for Lorna's Laces, I have get working on it. It's due by June 5th.

Micheal, I don't know what is going on with him. From what I hear he is going to be coming home sooner then we all expected. He is being sent home for depression. I don't know all what is going on but I think the kid has problems now. We gave away his room to Chris, got rid of his bed and now he doesn't have a job. With the way things are I don't know what he's going to do.

Well I've thought myself out and can't type more got to do some house work. So you know what to do. Keep those sticks aclickn'.

Happily knitting socks, Bye.

Friday, May 1, 2009

April's Woolgirl sock Club

I almost forgot to share my Woolgirl Sock Club with you. Please forgive me but I had trouble putting this yarn down just to photograph it. It's sooo soft.

This months theme was Knisale, Ireland. What's in your suitcase of goodies?
  1. 1 skein of fantastic Wasonga 100% superwash merino sock yarn from Curious Creek Fibers in the stunning colorway Old Head of Kinsale, which Kristine of Curious creek dyed.
  2. The Crooked Brook sock pattern by Anne Hanson.
  3. Stormy Seas cowl pattern designed by Lisa Dykstra.
  4. A lovely tea inspired stitch marker by Sunne from Sunneshine Stitch Markers.
  5. A perfect knitting tote with the Woolgirl Club logo embroidered on the front. Absolutely perfect to take to sock summit to fit with yarny goodness.
  6. The cutest teapot tape measure
  7. A teapot notepad.
  8. A sheep shortbread cookie from Cranberry Sweets. The cookie was really good!!
  9. A hand-made Kinsale, Ireland card from a local designer and artist Willa Landino.
  10. A mini suitcase which includes two miniature sheep

This was a great package and I love it. Well I've got to go. You know what to do, keep those sticks aclickn'. Happily knitting socks, Bye.

May Day

May has came too fast I can't believe another month has gone by. But the sun is out and it is warm so you won't see me complaining at all. May always remind me of flowers so here are some flowers around the house.

Tulips one of my favorite spring flowers.

Daffodils the color of the sun. These come up in the middle of our vegetable garden. We have always till the ground before they bloom. This year we are behind.

The Pink Dogwood Tree just starting to bloom. It's so beautiful when it is in full bloom.

Combine, a little plant I picked up somewhere and it keeps coming back every spring.

This is one of my favorite time of the year. When all things are starting to bloom and new life begins. A whole new outlook on life. That's it. Bye.