Thursday, October 23, 2008

A Day at Work

A Day at work at what I attempt to do and the people whom I work with: Just a few shot around the hotel, I love this time of the year with the trees in there beautiful colors. Here we are at lunch and around the table is, from left to right, Debbie whom you can just see, Lucinda, Angelica, Elsa, Aida, whom hid from the camera all day, and Maria aka Lulu. Here is Angelica, Elsa, Marcia and Debbie looking at some pictures of Debbie's trip to New York. Of course I couldn't leave out our front desk manager Dana. Now down to work here's the laundry room Monday morning after check out on Sunday, we all hate Sundays, the folding room where I help out every once in awhile. Here I caught Daniel making a bed, something that never happens. A quick look around the hotel on the inside the Lobby, the pond there is a wall waterfall that goes in the pond and the indoor pool. The hotel is lovely and a great place to work. But after a long hard day at work there is nothing like chocolate and I get this little goody at Fred Myers right next door a Brownie Tower. I have to admit it take me two days to eat it is very very rich but oh so good.

Now for some yarny news:
I have one sock done and working on the second one I want to have it done this week. After frogging it out it is turning out good and I like this pattern I did the pattern down the heel something I haven't done before.

I also got October's Woolgirl shipment I don't know about the yarn it's not one of my faves but I love the dyer. The yarn is by Yarntini and she dyes some of the yummiest yarn colorway Plum Blossom. Also in the kit we got a pattern by Chrissy Gardiner of Gardiner Yarn Works called Sakura Socks (Cherry Tree), a Woolgirl notepad with a pen, a packet of Cherry Blossom tea, a mesh tea ball and a sugar stick, a gorgeous gift box by Biggs and Featherbelle and inside body butter bar and body soak both scents Cherry Blossom created just for this Woolgirl kit, a stitch maker by White Oak Studios. We also got information on the 2009 sock Club. Which I signed up for who would with the great job that Jenn does.

Tony and are are headed for Vegas next week for a little fun and sun and of course some gambling. so I will post later next week when we get back. So keep your feet warm with wool socks that you make. Keep those sticks aclickn'.
Happily knitting socks, Bye.

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