Sunday, October 12, 2008

My Knitting and the Family

Sorry it's been a while since last post but life has gotten in the way. My days off have been messed up it seems like forever. Starting this week I go back to Wednesday and Thursday off so now I can plan things to do. Such as blogging.
We ripped up the garden, pulled out the tomato plants summer is really over. I didn't want it to end it seems like it ends to soon. Summer just doesn't last long enough and winter last too long. I love fall with all its colors the trees changing makes me love this time of the year. I'll take some pictures in the next day or two.
Well lets see about the family:

Tony: He's been offered a new job, at the Nooksack Casino's. He has been offered a job as Food and Beverage Director of both Casino's. He has his work cut out for him. But its a challenge that is right up his alley, their food cost are out of line and Tony is a numbers person so it a good fit for him. He will start the beginning of November.
Micheal is still working and is keeping himself busy. He bought an '87 Mustang his project car. He's got it running sort of, he says good now but its noise. Just some TLC mom that's all it needs, he keeps reminding me.
Chris well that's a story all by himself. I just don't know about him. He is working two jobs, No 1 Collision and a Detail shop in Everson. I don't see him all that often. He still is trying to get an apartment to move out in a month or two I'll believe it when it happens.
Me: Seems like work is taking up more of my time. From what I hear we are going to be slowing down and the days will be shorter and I will have more knitting time. And that's all I want more time for me.
My Knitting

I finished a pair of socks that I have been working on I made "No Purl Monkeys" they re a fast pair of socks to knit I think it only took around 8 days to knit them up. They are for Angelica, one of the maids a work, I have 9 more pairs to get done before Christmas. I started this goal to get a pair of sock for all the maids that I work with a gift of socks. There is around 15 maids about 8 of them get to pick out yarn that they like the rest get to pick sock out of the bag.
I am working on several pair right now. #1: A pair of sock using STR from the Raven Clan, Grawk, the pattern is by Krystofer Dixon called "Calpernia". This sock was inspired by the crazy Addams family.. When finished this should look like Gothic windows going down your foot, is his description. Its a toe-up sock I'm beginning to enjoy knitting socks this way.

So I'm working on this sock #2: Scroll Socks by Anne Designs for the Sockamania & Sockamania Plus Group. I change the pattern a bit, I change needle size from a US 2 to a 1 and it change the whole pattern. The scrolls are smaller and I need to knit more of them then the pattern called for but I like how this is turning out and it's a fast knit. I just finished turning the heel and on the the dreaded gusset, I dislike this part. Always have and always will I like the short row heel but it makes the foot so long and seems to take forever to knit that. I guess I just can't please myself.

I'm also working on a sock for Woolgirl it's more of a challenge, I had to frog it out and start over. I need peace and quiet, something that's always short around this house. I will get it done.

Sock Kits From Woolgirl:

Woodstock arrived. Its a great great kit the yarn is so yellow just like Woodstock This one I can't wait to knit but will have to wait till after Christmas I was these for me. In the kit I got yarn, from Jana of White Oak Studio, Woodstock pattern by Lisa Dykstra, A woodstock knitting accessory bag, a pack of Woodstock and Snoopy cards that matches the fabric of the bag, a Woodstock stitch marker, a key chain, lots of CANDY and a music CD a gift from Woolgirl, song from Woodstock. What a kit.

I also received WWW (The Wicked Witch of the West) and this is one great kit.

We got a skein of yarn from Jana again, Where's My Broom sock pattern by Kelly Kubicz, a boxy knitting accessory bag, 2 notepads with WWW designs on them, a stitch marker, a fun tin to store your stitch makers in, a cool broom pen, jelly beans, Witchy Halloween hot chocolate that turns orange and a bookmark. I can't wait for the next kit Glenda the Good Witch which I signed up for. Jen, Woolgirl, sent out notices for her sock club for next year and I signed up again. This will be the only club I sign up for this year because she has the best club and no other can compare to it. I think her sock kits and the sock club should keep me happy for another year.

Well the football game is on and I have to sit and knit and watch "Go Seahawk" Beat the Packers. So keep those warm sock coming off the stick and the sticks aclickn'.

Happily knitting socks, Bye.

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Toby said...

Wow Bev, that post will make a sock knitter drool. The purple Monkey's are gorgeous! Have fun with those next two pair, I'll be watching to see how they turn out.

Speaking of end of Summer, I was pulling weeds on Sunday during a snow flurry. Now I hear it's supposed to be 60 degrees later this week so there was no need to be pulling weeds in 40 degree temps!!