Saturday, October 18, 2008

My Work in Progress

Here's what I've been up to:

My Knitting:
I had to frog my scroll sock I dropped a stitch but I didn't read the pattern right so I frogged it. No problem I like how it look now better but I did like the other pattern so I might make one that way later on. I want to get it done in the next week.
I'm also doing another test knit for Jen and I really like this pattern it is, Violets Rising by Anne Hanson, a knitspot pattern. I have to admit that the pattern was intimidating to me I don't like patterns that you have to actually pay attention to. Each row was different I had to start over 3 times so I learned after the 3 rip out to pay attention. But I love how the pattern is turning out.

It's Fall Charlie Brown arrived the other day and WOW what a kit. I love the sock bag I can't wait to use it. The yarn is Miss Babs that just screams fall. Jen finds the best things for her kits that she put out. She put out the call for Sock Club 2009 and of course I signed up who wouldn't this will be the only sock club that I will be in this year. I wanted to get into the Loopy sock club but Woolgirl is so GREAT why sign up for any other one. Of course I will continue with the special kit she puts out. I need more yarn.

One of my great loves is Sock bags and so, I have decided to make them and try to sell them. I would show a picture but my Internet is on the slow side and the pictures are not loading up on flicker. But I am making them in the round. They seem to be a little bigger that way, I like lots of room I carry a lot of items. They are 9" tall and about 6" in diameter. They have a drawstring closure. There is lots of room for yarn, pattern, my notion bag, sock in progress in needle keeper, cell phone and other thing I might need at work when I'm working on my socks. I'll show you whats in there.
Hopefully I can get pictures up tomorrow, some days I can't get any where with my Internet connection. So that's about it for now so keep those sticks aclickn'.
Happily knitting sock, Bye. Got it in this morning. Thanks for waiting.

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