Friday, July 11, 2008

Knitting and Around the House

Around the house sounds strange but it just pictures of around the house, some flowers I though might brighten your day, they do mine. And of course the garden and the tomato beds, they have all grown and have grown since I took the pictures two days ago. The daisy are in the front yard the flower bed that did my back in and the Tiger Day Lily is just under my bedroom window. As you can see from the last pictures my garden has grown. Now if it would just grow faster I want fresh veggies.

Now for my knitting and yarn.
Here's the picture of the yarn that I promised. The yarns are from the top to bottom:
Indie Dyer - Rock-A-By, soft pastel colors 100% merino 420 yds.
Chamelon Colorworks - Bambino Taos - 30/60/10 - bamboo, sw merino, nylon 400 yds.
Lime & Violet - Shuanmi2 Sock - Antique Mall, 80 % wool 20% bamboo 425 yds.
Rio di la Plata - Kettle Dyed, SP04 evergreen, yellow corn, pionsettia, 100% sw wool, 437 yds/3 ply.

Here's a picture of my finished Spring Forward. I loved this pattern and will make it again it was fun and easy to memorize.

I also bought some more KIP bags which I love I can never have enough bags. The new bags came from . I love these bags they are so roomy and have pockets on the inside I can't wait to fill them.
I have decided to make up my sock bags with yarn and pattern I would add needles but I don't have enough for all the bags. So now I have a wall of bags just grab and go.

Well that's all for now leave me a comment if you feel up to it. I still need pattern ideas for my new yarns HELP me out.
So keep those sticks aclickn'.
Happily knitting socks, Bye.


Ruth said...

Love your garden! Anytime you want to come here and garden for me.....

And your socks! Very, very pretty!

Toby said...

Fresh veggies sound heavenly. Since I can't have a garden (rental house - suppose I could garden in pots, but I find that to be a pain) I guess I should check out the Farmer's Market.

I have the Spring Forward socks in my queue. Yours look great! And the new yarn...I'll just try to pretend I didn't see it because even though I try to knit from my stash I'm not always successful. The color combos are beautiful.