Saturday, June 7, 2008

Sock, Yarn and Whatever


I have been working on my 52 pair plunge, I'm still on sock #1, i have one sock done and am working on the second one. It is now on hold for "Death by Socks" that started today. I have gotten it started and should be working on it so this will be short and sweet.

The 52 pair plunge I'm using Socks that Rock "Count Chuckula" in the no purl Monkey sock and it is turning out good and I like it.

Death by Socks I'm using Online Tropic color. A fun striped sock it looks good. The pattern has a cable
working through it I have to get back. My person I'm making them for lives in Australia so I have to get them done fast and then wait for the shipping. That's what is going to take the time. Other then that, that's all on the knitting front.
Now for yarn
Here is a few of my new yarns in the last month or so:
From the top left to right:
Rio di la Palata Sparkling Grape, Koigo, Hazel Knits Cami Cam,
Unique Sheep Sun Stone, SockPixie Vegan La Bella au Bois, Sockpixie Vegan La Pente Fee' des Nyrtes, SockPixie Merino Poucette,Yarn Pirate Apple, Koigo, Yarn Pirate Kate, Yarn Pirate Daisy, and Yarn Pirate Bird of Paradise. I think I got them all you can always go to my flick pages and see them better.
Not much is going on around here. I got part of the garden in but the weather changed and rain came in and that's it for now I will have to try to finish in the next few days if I want fresh vegetable to eat.
Drop a line and I'll be back later, So keep those sticks aclickn'.
Happily knitting socks, Bye.

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Toby said...

All those yarns are lovely, but I'm especially taken with the Sparkling Grape.

I hope you've had lots of sunshine this week for your garden!