Friday, May 30, 2008

One more day till 52 Pair Plunge

1 day to go. I have got my first pair picked out. I am going to use Socks that Rock lightweight Count Chuckula made into a pair of Monkey socks by Cookie A. but modify it to no purls. I think this yarn will look good in the pattern. I've made several Monkey socks but not without the purls and I know it is an easy pattern and I should start out on time schedule with a week a sock.

My next sock will begin on June 7Th, I'm doing Death by Sock it like Sock Wars just not as big. The pattern is a cable type from what we have been told so I still have to go through my yarn and pick on out. I guess I will need a semi solid or a striped pattern so the cables will show up. My victim lives in Australia so I have to knit them fast because the post will take most of my knit time away from me.

I'm almost done with my test knit Cable Lagoon They are looking great. I like the cables but they do take a long time to knit, I've had to follow the pattern on each row so I don't get lost or go the wrong way.

My new interest is podcast I'm enjoying the different knitting cast that are out there, my fav's are "Socks in the City" "Faery Knitting" "Knitmore girls Podcast" "SSK" these are the ones I have listened to so far but there are lots more out there. I also enjoy "Betty in the Sky with a Suitcase" an airline stewardess with a major airline telling story's about things that happen in the sky. It is lol. I also have a podcast called "The Secrets of Harry Potter" by a catholic priest, "Old Time Radio Thrillers" and "Hometown Tales". I listen to these while I strip and make beds.

The family is doing good not much happening on the home front. The garden isn't in the ground yet but I hope to buy my plants on Monday and get the garden planted then. It seems like I'm late getting it into the ground but others are just as far behind along with the farmers some don't have their corn in yet. I have a long weekend coming up the hotel is full and that means lots of rooms to clean and I picked up a shift in banquets on Saturday. Sunday we have over a hundred check outs and a hundred check ins so we have to push everyone to get everything done and ready to turn over. This group will be with us for 3 days and then they check out and we re fill up.

I have gotten some new yarn ordered I got some "Yarn Pirate" coming in, she has some new colorways and I had to have them. I also got some of the new colorways from "Socks that Rock".

Well that's it for now I fill you in on how my plunge is going and when I get the garden in I have to have fresh vegetables in the summer. So till later keep those sticks aclickn'.

Happily knitting socks, Bye.

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