Friday, June 20, 2008

The Garden, flowers, socks.and yarn

The Garden

Here's my garden, on the left, it's in the ground but not much is happening right now with a little sun and a lot of TLC it should grow. I just want to see it come up out of the earth then I know I'll have dinner soon. On the right is the tomatoes, I put them in beside the house. Its a natural hot house and it get sun all day.
I just have to remember to water for it does dry out and when it rains it doesn't get all that wet being under the eaves.


Thought I would show some of my flowers. The bed on the left, I weeded yesterday and today I pay, my back went out at work and I can barely move right now. The rose bush on the right is a tea rose, I can't believe how big it has gotten. I got it as a small plant that was on a table as a centerpiece. It really has done good.

Socks:I have finished my first pair of socks for the 52 pair plunge 2 "no purl Monkeys" I like how they turned out. The Socks that Rock really look good in this pattern. My second pair where the socks I made for "Death by Socks" for Clare I took pictures of them. Chris borrowed my camera and then deleted the pictures after telling him not to. They turn out good I loved them the stripping yarn with the cable pattern worked well together. Sock number 3, I'm using Unique Sheep yarn "Leili", "Dark Earth Blend" the pattern is Spruce Sprigs by Alina Egerman , Woolgirls December sock club pattern. This sock is turning out well. For my next sock I'm not for sure what is will be, but have to start to think about it.


Here is some new yarns to the collection: Starting top left Conjoined Creation Flat Feet, colorway 47, center stitchjones, super socks, colorway "Creatures of the Night" and right top, Fannie's Fingering weight, colorway "Bramles". This week I also got Woolgirl sock club yarn and my last Romantic Comedy from White Oaks Studio tvyarn. The woolgirl kits theme was froggin' (ripit ripit) the yarn was from Dashing Dachs colorway "Froggin" pattern by Lisa Dykstra. A frog stitch maker by Wee-Ones, a One inch square stitch gauge from Karastix, a woolgirl mini calculator, a frog notepad, a frog sucker, postcard and some little frogs.

The Romantic Comedy theme this time around was "High Fidelity" I haven't seen this movie but added it to netflixs. We got Yarn in shades of blues, a handy calculator, a pedicure kit, a fun magnet, stickers and a stitch marker.

Both of these clubs have been fun and will do them both again.

That is all for now I've typed enough and my back is killing me. So keep those sticks aclickn'

Happily knitting socks, Bye.

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