Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Whats been up

What's been up has not been me. This new job,being a maid, is totally wearing me out, I come home dead tired wondering can I do it again tomorrow. I'm enjoying it so far its not a J O B but a job. I'm going to start working 5 days a week instead of just 4 and try to pick up 2 days a week in banquets. I know I'm being stupid and probably going to kill myself but I have to make ends met. Now that I'm not making the tips there is still a hole in my income.
I have also been conned into teaching a knitting class at the locale library on Monday nights from 6 to 7:30 pm. The first get together was this last Monday, everyone there knew a little bit about knitting and all I had to do was help out every so often, several of the ladies want to learn how to knit socks so I get to start them there. It should be fun.
Tony's job has been going great for him at Homestead Golf and Country Club. He has been booking lots of banquets and seems to be keeping himself busy.
Micheal has gotten a new job at Overhead Door. He has to take a drug test and get his driving record. He is happy, he feels like he is going to be part of the real world working Monday through Friday during the day instead of graveyard that he has been doing. He will have to learn to sleep at night instead of during the daylight hours.
Chris is doing his internship with No 1 Collision. He is sanding and doing prep work at the body shop and he is still at Wilson Motors painting and buffing bumpers. He seems to be enjoying it even if we don't see him at all.

Now for the knitting front.
I finally did finish my socks for round 3 of sock madness. Please for give the picture of the unfinished one but they are done I just have a few ends to weave in. I didn't make it into round 4 but I'm still happy with how far I got. I know that I can knit a pair of socks in 4 days if I have to.

I just got done knitting a test pattern for Anastasia and Kollage yarns. This pair of socks was knitted using Luscious Kollage yarns.
The fiber content is 63% cotton and 37% nylon elastic in Ice Blue. I can't say that I am fond of this yarn it splits terribly and there is not a lot of stretch in the yarn at all. Here is a better picture of the pattern it is called "Waving Rib Sock" a very easy pattern to memorize and an easy knit. I enjoyed this project and would love to knit for her again.

I got my Woolgirl order in today.
I finally got my hand on "Yarntini" I have been trying to get it for some time now and have been able to. I love how Jen wraps up her packages. It feels like a present even if you do know whats inside. And here is what was inside my presents.
I got 3 skeins of Yarntini, Pomtini, Appletini and 4-8-15-16-23-4-2, they are the numbers from Lost, the TV show.
I also added 2 skeins from Zen Garden Oregon Coast and Orchid Spider King. I can't wait to find the right patterns for each of these yarns or maybe I will just hide them away.
Well I guess I should be off to bed and get some sleep. So Keep those sticks aclickn'.
Happily knitting myself till next time.

Ruth: I just make it work sometimes I don't cook and have Tony take me out to dinner or I don't clean the house. I have to have my knitting time. That is me time and we all need that.

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Ruth said...

You are a wonder woman, that's for sure. How you do all that work and still have time to knit is amazing!