Thursday, April 10, 2008

Sock Madness Round 3

Ready for round 3 the lace weight. I choose to use Yarn Chef from etsy's lace weight yarn. The colors are Pure Sunshine and Sambucus it reminds me of Gryffindor colors I didn't realize it until I had wound them and put the 4 cakes together. Can't wait to see the pattern and hopefully this will work out good. The pattern comes out in a few hours. I can't wait, I will have to knit most of the night but I'm game. I have to work through the weekend and its not a short day and lots of hard work. So I know I won't get a lot of knitting time in. Only the top 12, make it through to the next round.

I have two knitting projects going. One, for Micheal, Simple Cables, I have 1 done and have started the second one. I'm using Opal Uni in Royal Blue.
The second sock is Socks that Rock, Rocktober, Jaywalkers, I want to use this one for round two but couldn't get gauge so had to change yarn.
Well I have to finish my house work and laundry before the next round and I won't be doing anything but knitting. I have dinner cooking, my third load in the dryer and a load in the washer with one more to go. The kitchen to clean and I'm on the computer not wanting to do any thing but just relax before the craziness begins.
So have a good weekend I'll keep you all updated with picks on flickr so keep those sticks aclickn and bye for now.

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