Friday, April 25, 2008

I Played In My Yarn Stash

I had to share I played in my yarn yesterday. I thought about trying to get organized by I just had more fun fondling it. So I though I would share some pictures with you. I DID NOT count because then I would know how much I have and have to stop buying more if I don't know then I can just buy. As long as my family doesn't look at this post I'm OK other wise I'm definitely in the dog house.Just thought I would share a picture of two. Can you tell all the different dyers. It was fun looking at the pile. I have more of some and just 1 of others.
Thanks for looking. Maybe one day I'll share the rest of the stash this is only part of it.
So bye for now and Keep those sticks a clickn'.
Happily Knitting

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