Thursday, April 3, 2008

Round 2 Sock Madness

This must be madness, round 2 started March 31, it was stated to start April 1, a day early. Not fair for me had to work double shift that day, making beds and then work a banquet. Worked all weekend and hadn't done my gauge and couldn't get gauge with the yarn I choose, STR Rocktober but I had started a sock toe up, with another yarn I wanted the practice, I knew I could get gauge, so I used it. Prairie Daisy Handspun "Bloom and Blossom" a very spring colored yarn.

Here is it with one sock done. Started it Tuesday after work, I got down to the heel didn't like, frogged, started it over, didn't like, frogged. Midnight gave up and went to bed. Wednesday started again at noon with the heel didn't like it again, by now I want to give up but I frogged and tried again. Googled garter short row and it helped and started over and it turned out I worked till 2 am and went to bed. Started today finished toe and began sock 2 I don't know if I like this pattern or not. I don't know about the garter stitch on the sole of the foot. Will work late tonight I want to get this sock done tomorrow. No one is home but me so no real distractions but myself, you'd think I could get lots done but I just can't concentrate. I have to work on Saturday and don't know when I will have time to work on it.

Well I have to get back to knitting my break is over. So keep those sticks a clickn. Bye.

Thanks Ruth: I need all the cheering on I can get this sock is not been easy for me. Going for the heel on the second sock at least I hope I don't have to rip it back.


Ruth said...

You sock looks so nice. I'm out of it, but i'll cheer you on.

Wendee said...

I'm cheering you on! GO RUTH GO!