Sunday, January 20, 2008

Knit Knit Knit as fast as you can

Death by Socks are done I'm so glad, it was a fun pattern, "Best Wishes" by Jeanie Townsend. I started the on the 15th around 5 pm. and finished the 19th 6 pm. And are my fingers sore But I can't wait to start something new but first I have to finish up a few projects. I knit this pair of sock for Carissa in Oregon I used The Knittery yarn Merino Cashmere Sock colorway Water Lilies. Now all I can hope for is that Carissa likes the socks. They will go out into the mail on Tuesday.

I've been working on Micheals X-box socks, That's what he calls them. I'm about 1.5 inches from the toe decrease. Size 12 is so bigggg. Sometimes it feels like they go on forever. He likes the yarn it is Yarn Pirates Oct. Booty Club "Killer Bees" I guess it reminds him of a video game "The Killer Bees" who knows with teenagers. I had him try them on and the only thing he could say way hurry up these feel so good, I know they will be my favorite socks. I've been working on another pair of Serpentine Mitts, this pair is out of Knit Picks Essential Black this pair is for a coworker, Linda.

O.K. I bought some more yarn this yarn in from Keegan Lane Yarns I love this colorway of hers its called Perfect Proposal. Melissa's interpretation of her Friend wedding colors is beautiful, chocolate brown, lilac, violet, indigo,baby pink and cream. She also add a stitch marker to go with the yarn. She has some wonderful yarns and has a sock club I just wish I could join.

Here is a couple of new yarns I bought on eBay from a dyer named Jim Trippe. His store is called Oldfield Creek Sock & Yarn. I really like his yarns and he has great customer service. The first is Superwash Colonial Wool and nylon it is Shades of Charcoal and True-Blues. The other yarn is a panda, merino wool, bamboo & nylon Blackberry & Burlap. Both yarns have a great yardage 460 yds. I hope to buy more of his yarns, they are very soft.

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