Friday, January 15, 2016

Knitting WIPS

Here's my weekly check in:  I'm still working on my socks almost done with the first one. I haven't bee n putting in the time that I should, decided to do a test knit and that has taken up my time.  The test knit is a cowl pattern , it is almost like a fan and feather pattern.  It took me 4 try's  to get the right yarn or one that at least worked for me.  Attempt 1:  using a mohair based yarn I really do dislike mohair,   2nd attempt:  with a yarn that I had wound up still in the same color as the first one.  I did about 2 inches and realized I twisted my knitting so off the needles and into the garbage.  3rd attempt:
Back to the stash found another caked yarn a brown with splashes of green in it, I can use green beads great. Just didn't like the color off the needles it goes. For my last attempt I pull out another caked skein and this one is working out. I have till the end of the month to finish it so I should be able to get it done.

I did finish a pair of fingerless gloves this week, I'll post a picture later this weekend.  My cardigan is coming along. Well my brain is getting tired and I do need some sleep. Have a good weekend and  GO HAWKS!

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