Wednesday, January 6, 2016

I haven't post in ages

O.K. It's been ages since I've posted so I thought lets give it a try again.

My knitting has been going strong here is a picture of 2015's work.  The top picture is my work for the year.  I think I did pretty good, with 3 sweaters a few hats, couple of shawls and then there is my socks.
 So here is a picture of the socks that I have done for the year.  Now if I could count the ones that I almost finished but not quite and have gone to the frog pond.  That seems to be growing I guess I should ripppit party one day.  On the needles now I'm working on a sock of course and I have the Campfire Cardi working I'll post pictures of them later. It's getting late so off to bed. Till next time.

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