Thursday, December 1, 2011

Mini Vacation and Some Knitting

 We too a mini vacation to Vegas this week got home Wednesday. Didn't win but had fun. We stayed at Bally's and we hadn't stayed there before, we upgraded to a suite and it was nice to have the extra room. I thought everything would be Christmas but they where just decorating. This is the lobby at the MGM, I was hoping that the conservatory at the Bellagio was not finished yet and I was hoping that it would be Christmas. On the walk way to the city tram there is a Chocolate store, the one with the chocolate fountain, they had a Grinch life-size. There is 100 pounds of fondant and 100 pounds of chocolate. I loved this display.
We seen Viva Elvis at the Aria, it was not your normal Cirque Du Soleil it was more dancing and songs from Elvis. They use a lot of film footage in the program. The weather was nice in the 70's with sun. So that made it a great trip.
I took a few projects with me I decided to do a test knit of a shawl so that went with with intent to do it oh the plane. To many turbulence to work on so I did my mittens. I'm using Blue Moon Fiber silk singles it merino top and silk in True Blood colorway. I made then for Mom to use in China next week there is a cowl long enough to go over her head and mittens. I worked on the shawl in down time in the room. The pattern is Pele's Promise using Julie Spins Lace 960 colorway Cardinal. Of course I have to have a pair of socks to work on. These I carried around with me worked on them in line, waiting for food, playing slot and talk about funny looks you would get. This is the yarn that I called Abby Yarn Colors. It is from Ladybug Fiber Company.
Phlox and Deaina colorway.  
Well that's it for this week if you stop by leave a comment and tell me what you think anything you want to hear. Keep warm and those sticks aclickn'.
Happily knitting, Bye.

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