Friday, October 7, 2011


 Here is the first of my works in progress: I'm working on a simple sock using self stripping yarn that I bought at Sock Summit 2011. I must admit after going through the stash this is the first time that I have used self stripping yarn. I love it. The yarn was bought from The Amy Lee Show her Canon Hand Dyes in Count Dracula. A perfect socks to wear on Halloween.  Now I just have to finish them. I bought several other self stripping yarns from her so I'm sure you will see them pop up now and then. I am just knitting a stockinette sock with an afterthought heel. I still don't have the heel the way I want it but I figure if I keep working on it I will get it where I want it.
The other project that I'm working on is called The Rusting Leaves Beret by Alana Dakoes of the Never Not Knitting Podcast. She has gotten together with Hannah Fettif aka Knitbot and they have a new book out Coastal Knits which will be released October 15, I have preordered the book and and you got a pattern from each designers. The reason I ordered the book was for this beret pattern. You'll see it as I get it done. I know that I have enough yarn and want to make a pair of finger less glove with the leave motive on them.
That is all I have on the needles at this moment, I want to cast on for another pi shawl I have the yarn and the needles empty I just have to find the time.
I had too show a picture of a corn field by the house, we had a wind storm and everyone knows the power of wind I just have never seen it blow down a corn field. It's been two weeks since the wind storm and the corn is still down and they haven't gotten it picked up. And from what I hear it won't get picked up what a shame.
Till next week keep those sticks aclickn'

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