Sunday, January 24, 2010

Knitting Socks

Here's what I've been working on: Done a pair of Angee: They look much better in person.
My Rivendells are coming along I have one done and am working on the second one.  It seems to be taking me longer I just am having a dislike of ktb the stitch isn't any harder it just seems to take me longer.

I'm still working on the Waiting for Facebook page to Load socks, believe it or not they are moving right along. I'm getting a lots of work on them done just waiting. The yarn is some  that I had in my stash, from the beginning of time. It is Opal Petticoat, a fitting colorway pastels and I'm doing a plain vanilla sock. I also am working on a sock out of Knitty an online magazine This is from the winter issue and called Pyroclastic. So far an easy stitch pattern to memorize. The foot features a shaped arch,  this is  something that I have wanted to try. It provides the foot with a very snug fit that does not shift around in your shoe. Well that is it for now, keep those sticks a clickn'.

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Toby said...

You've been busy with lots of pretty socks Bev. I have to live vicariously through you for now as my needles are still full of lace projects.

I'm sure I'll be ready to get some socks on the needles soon though.