Monday, February 22, 2010

February Knitting, Yarn and Life

So here's some of my knitting that I've been working on time has just gone way to fast and I don't know where the days have gone. The days have just flew by and with the sun out I don't know where I want to be but maybe outside enjoying the beauty. I can't figure out this weather flowers are in bloom tree pollen is about it is way to early. The weather has been in the 50's it feels like spring so what is spring going to be, wet, dry, cold, warm who knows.
Work has been keeping me going in two different directions. I fun but it can be crazy sometimes I don't know exactly where I am or what day it is they all blend in together.

My Knitting
I've found some time to knit not a lot but a little. I've finished two pairs of socks and am working on a shawl. It's not a large one but a small one and it's an easy pattern just to get my feet wet and maybe get the itch to do more. So here are the pictures of the finish items.
This is a sample knit for Woolgirl and Miss Babs, the yarn is from Miss Babs and is A Day at the Kelp Pond, not one of my favorite colors but the pattern was fun to do and a little bit of a challenge Woodsmoke Sock by Anne Hanson. I might do this pattern again but in a solid or a semi-solid colorway.
I have also finished my Pyroclastic socks. They turned out great and the yarn looks good the picture doesn't do the socks any good the bling doesn't show at all. I will use the fitted arch again on another pair of socks I like how they feel when you put them on, they fit like a glove. I might even do this pattern again it was fun to knit.
I'm also making my first shawl a blogging friend, Toby makes the most beautiful shawls and she has inspired me to make one. I picked out an easy pattern The Traveling Woman. The yarn is from the Woolgirl Oz Club, Emerald City Kit. The yarn is from Madelinetosh, Tosh Sock, colorway Emerald City.  So far I'm doing good I'm in the second repeat of pattern A. I've made a few changes but I can't wait to see it done and blocked. 
I'm still working on my "Waiting for Facebook Page to Load" sock I'm on the second sock and work on it every so often. The Rivendell sock is on the second sock and working on the foot part I haven't touched it in awhile, will have to get on it soon. I also have one sock done of a test knit and will work on it in March. It is being done as a mystery sock KAL in one of the groups on Ravelry Solid or Semi Solid sock Club. So I will finish that one then.

New Yarn and Sock Club
I bought some more yarn one of mine and Gena's Favorite dyers had a sale on her yarn and I just couldn't pass this one up. When I got them in the mail I couldn't believe that they where almost all the same colorway. The dyer is Mama Llama out of Texas, we got to met her at Sock Summit, she is such a wonderful person. She had a birthday sale 35% off now that is a great sale you can't pass that up. The yarn was 80/10/10 merino, cashmere, nylon the yarn is yummy and so soft. the colors are Bella, Earth and Berkley which is merino seacell blend.  I don't know exactly what I'm going to make but I thought about using the cashmere for shawls it's just to nice to use for my feet.

I also bought one more yarn at Northwest Handspun Yarn in Bellingham. When I took a class by Cookie A it was a great class and I learned new things and that is what it's all about to keep learning all the time. This yarn is one that I don't have in the stash I love the colors they reminded me of spring. The yarn is Lace Wing Sock it's a 2 ply hand dyed but it has lots of yardage 546 yds. the colorway is Field of Dreams. I can't wait to see what I choice to make with this.

We got Ruby Red Slippers this month for the Oz Sock Club.

This kit was to die for:
  •  The yarn is from Zen Yarn Garden her Bling sock yarn.
  • "Ruby Slippers" sock pattern by Bethany Whitney
  • Ruby Slippers accessory bag
  • A dpn case by ZigZag Stitches
  • Notepad
  • A bookmark
  • Beads to adorn the socks
  • Lip gloss
  • A Ruby Slipper stitch marker by Wee Ones
  • 3 Ruby Slippers buttons
  • A lavender sachet
  • An Oz mini keychain crochet hook
This is a great kit I won't use the yarn for my feet it just to beautiful for words, my picture doesn't to it any justice. I've bought some roving but I'll share it next time.
Well this is about it for now so keep those sticks aclickn'.
Happily knitting socks, Bye.


明白的一切 said...

Drive carefully. It is not only cars that can be recalled by their Maker.............................................

Toby said...

Thanks for the shout out Bev! Even though you may not have much knitting time, I have to say I love what you've been working on. :)

I don't know where my sock mojo went, all I've been doing are shawls lately. I'm sure it'll be back at some point.