Sunday, January 17, 2010

This Month is Flying By

WOW I can't believe how fast time is flying by. All I have done is work. Tony is KEEPING me busy, boo Tony, I haven't had much knitting time.
The restaurant is staying fairly busy not slammin' busy but enough to pay the bills. We had to buy a new ice machine this year so far the old one just didn't make ice anymore. So we now have pillow ice, for you that don't know that's the shape of the ice. It lays flat in the glass and give you an optical illusion of more liquid.
I have picked up two more shifts per week, so I now am working 5 evening shifts and 4 day shifts I don't think I want anymore. I have Sunday off that is if no one wants that day off, I'm finding it hard to get people to work when it's not their normal day. I hate to beg and grovel to get someone to work.
We had our holiday company party this week. I think it was a success, everyone seem to have a great time. I brought in video game systems 2 Wii and 2 PS2 so we had Guitar Hero going and Wii Sports going in tow different places in the restaurant to the kids and the adults could be playing and we didn't have to fight over the systems.

OK to the knitting, I have been working a little bit on 3 pairs of socks. I'm on the second sock of my Angee sock by Cookie A. I love this pattern and the yarn by Wool Candy. And before I forget I'm taking a class by ...............DRUM ROLL...........................................Cookie A.
I can't wait. Debi Woods and I are going to be taking 2 classes given by Cookie, on Sunday Jan. 31, Toe up with a gusset, I've taken classes doing this method by to learn from a DIVA, as Gena puts it, will be great. The other class is The Traveling Stitches this one sounds very interesting and anything by Cookie is great by me.
The other sock that I'm working on is the Rivendell out of the TheElectic Sole book. I've put it on hold for a moment, I got tired of ktb, knit through the back loop, and really wanted to finish my Angee socks.  I'm on the foot and will get back to them shortly.
For my third pair of socks they are a simple plain stockinette sock, plain Jane, vanilla, I need a sock that I could work on while I waited for Face book pages to load, Cafe World is so slow.
In the past week I have gotten 8" done on the leg and am now working on the heel flap. I can't believe how much knitting you can get done just waiting.

The last Woolgirl Sock Club arrived and I have to admit this one is my all time favorite. She truly out did herself on this kit. The theme was Dutch Sweet Treats what come to mind. OMG the yarn, the pattern, let me just tell you.
  • Yarn Love Juliet yarn in Sugared Grapefruit. YUMMY so soft.
  • Agrodolce sock pattern by Marjan Hammink aka Yarnissima love this pattern want to cast on asap
  • Just a Spoonful of Sugar hat pattern and Sweet Little Sugar of Mine mitt pattern by Christina Bain  (3 patterns in this kit OMG)
  • A custom PINK Buddy Case from Namaste (Woolgirl exclusive color)
  • Hot cocoa, a heart-shaped whisk, and hand-made vanilla marshmallows (yummy didn't make it into the cocoa)
  • a set of 4 petite-four soaps by Naiad Soap Arts (they look like chocolate)
  • A set of Sweet Treat postcards

  • A stitch marker designed by Kate of Spindle Cat Studios

Like I said this KIT was to die for and it's all mine.
I also got another Wizard of Oz Kit "Toto" this is a great kit.
Yarn by Miss Babs ,one of my faves, a cute kip bag, a small bag, key fob, a great note book with the saying " Dear Dorothy: Hate Oz, took the shoes, find your own way home."
I think its a cute saying. There was also a stitch marker from Wee Ones of Toto. A great kit, now to wait for the next one "Ruby Red Slippers". Can't wait.

I also bought some yarn. An order from Woolgirl, I bought some Dream in Color Smooshy, Butter Peeps,  Cloud Jungle, and from Kitchen Sink Dyeworks, Jake.

I made an order from Zen Yarn Garden, Roxanne dyes some beautiful colors in her yarns so I couldn't stop myself, the devil made me do it. I bought from her BFL Nylon line, Fire and Ice and Grenadine. I love both of these colorways and can't wait to find a pattern to knit them into.

I also received my compensation yarn from Buffalo Gold I now own the convented Buffalo Gold, sport weight 2 ply.  I also received with the package two adorable tepee's, a great thank you.  That's all the new yarn and it really is too much. I've signed up for next years Woolgirl sock club,  Alice in Wonderland Sock club from Woolgirl, still in the Oz Club and am thinking about signing up again for the Loopy Ewe Sock Club. So I don't really need more yarn. But you know when that feeling hits you got to buy. I haven't done much spinning but I really need to get working on it again.

Well I think that I've typed enough for now I promise to try harder to blog and stay off of Face Book. So till later stay warm and please keep those stick aclickn'.
Happily knitting socks, Bye.

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